Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #211: Everyday 8-Bit

Based on the shirt comment thread for Afternoon Stroll Through the Park I’m kinda hoping it wins just to see the fireworks that will result.

perfect moment
press a or b
read a book

just predicting

I wonder how close this matches the outcome expected when this derby theme was conceived.

No more so than any other Ramyb win.

-The perfect moment

-Press A or B

-Read a book

That order, no Ramyb print this weekend unless that coffee one comes in a distant third.

Just a little disappointed that there wasn’t more 8-bit artwork. Instead there were just a lot of pixelated cats.

1 for 1 so far!

Diana if your cats ever make it to another site, please let us know, esp annoy. I seriously understand that shirt so much.