Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #213: Dog Days

WOHOO! Good look to everyone!

I like a lot of them, but I will love to buy boots, michael and Kevin’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Any predictions?

If tjost and/or Seed print, I’ll be buying more damned gray shirts. But they’re too cute to pass on.
I don’t predict any more - I’m inevitably disappointed. :frowning:

Sadly both of those shirts were bouncing in and out of the fog at the last minute. =/

I think the Monopoly shirt has a good shot, I’m undecided on all the rest.

In no particular order, my prediction:

Do not pass go.
Boba Fetch

I’m wrong more often than not though.

My prediction is

1: Do Not Pass Go
2: Boba Fetch
3: Guardian of the Underworld

4: Just a Little Husky
5: Mine!
6: A Horrible Accident
7: Gesundheit
8: A great disturbance at the dog park
9: Beware of Fluffy

My last minute predictions:

  1. Do Not Pass Go
  2. Bobba Fetch
  3. A Horrible Accident

I might be wrong on the order, but I’m betting those three take home the derby wins.

Hoping for a “Do Not Pass Go” win tonight.

Do I get a free shirt for guessing them all correctly, and in the correct order?

Or at least a Quality p?

At the very least you deserve some ice cream.