Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #214: Double-Take Derby 14

Kitty demands 1st place… :X

Also very much looking forward to EC’s. :smiley: I know Reading Rocket fell out of the fog a bit. I hope it prints either via placement or EC. So much good stuff in the field that needs to see live chests!

-fingers crossed for Laboratory-…

These choices are freaking epic. I’d own all of them, best of luck to everyone!

i like that most of these choices are quite science/fictiony in nature.

Had to be tough on voting this Double-Take. Otherwise, none of my absolute favorites would make it. I guess I wasn’t tough enough as only one did (Kitty Uses Annoy). Oh well, there’s always EC :D. Though, each shirt that made it to the contenders list, I would have voted for and did vote for in a normal derby :].