Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #215: Double-Bagged

Some excellent options!
Will there be editor choices for sale Fri, Sat, & Sun?

Some of these would actually be pretty sweet on a T-shirt, instead of just the bags.

Definitely lots of great designs this week, both in and out of the fog. So is it bag design that somehow brings out the best in derby artists? Or maybe it was the color restrictions? Or just having a theme like “woot!”?

And a practical question: When do we find out the winners?

Check back tomorrow… we’ll do a blog post revealing the winners.

And this really was an excellent batch of designs. Great work, artists!

The default post template makes it sound like we’ll have to buy the bag designs …

If the older designs are going to be retired, I’m going to miss The Tee Truck. I only have a few of those, compared to like 20 of the HQ.

The extra week to be able to work on the designs didn’t hurt, either!

All of these are excellent designs – but I’m Eager for a Robot.

Seconded! Words cannot describe how happy I would be if my shirts arrived in that bag.

Hey Travis. Any idea when you guys are going to post the winners? My F5 is starting to wear out…

To find that out I’d have to tread into the smokey, mystical mind-melt that is the writer’s room. I value my sanity, so you’ll just have to wait and see!

I’m going a little insane waiting. I’ll check out the writer’s room. Where’s it at?

Me too! Though I partly wonder if it’s better that it’s taking a while, because hopeful anticipation can be a better feeling than the bummed feeling when the news isn’t what you are hoping for;)