Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #217: Hipster Animals

Some really great shirts here! Congratulations to all, especially Robbie for fogging. I felt like we were battling for position most of the derby. Great work everyone!

great stuff, congrats all!

Really, really hoping to pick up The Right to Remain Awesome sometime this weekend!

Really hoping to see the owl and the dino scooter this weekend. I can see buying two of each.

I find myself rooting for Indie Turtle this weekend.

/am surprised with myself.

I was really hoping for collinvh’s HipCat, and DianaSprinkle’s Raccoon Hipster. Happy to see Prehipstoric, though, and I really love The Right To Remain Awesome. Congrats all!

With ten minutes left these are my predictions:

-Couldn’t Care Less Bear
-Ironic Bunny

Not sure what order, but fairly confident that will be what prints.

Possible upset victory:

The Right to Remain Awesome

That’s my guess as to what will print.

Will there be Honorable Mentions for this Derby? Well, I assume there will, so let me rephrase that: When will there be Honorable Mentions for this Derby?