Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #218: New Landmarks

ooh, glitch in the matrix. Tobefonseca’s rejected entry is still here.

kind of wondering the same thing with Abe showing in the fog but with a placing of 10th.

When they reject shirts from the fog the rejected shirt takes the place number with it… usually the other shirts in the fog have to pass the rejected shirt’s vote total for that 10th place fogged shirt error to go away.

Or sometimes woot does something to fix it but yeah it’s a weird error. You can see it on higher number(10 and above) shirts whenever there’s a gap in the numbering, it was where a rejected shirt used to be.

Oh please please please let “The Library of Appalachia” be one of the three! Being from Southeastern Ohio in the boonies, I really want that shirt!

thanks for the “the more you know comment” hopefully its corrected for my stats at least.