Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #220: HalloWoot! 2011

There are 3 I’d buy in a heartbeat. Those 3 won’t print.

PLEASE KITTY CAT. I didn’t get Spotless last time, and I really want to buy something!

I vote we print all the fog for Hallowoot…too many good stuffs!

Four for me and - yeppers… They won’t print. :frowning:

If Woot was just, to make up for all the months I haven’t bought a derby shirt I would get to spend $30 this week on Haunted Scarecrow, Pumpkin Patch, and Ghost Grinder.

As it stands, though, Woot doesn’t owe me anything. :frowning: So I’ll probably only end up with Haunted Scarecrow, if that.

My official guess is Hungry Dead, Haunted Scarecrow, and either Slow Death or Adorable Monstrosity.

I think we’ll get “He’ll probably be okay” otherwise known as Zombie Bait… =D

I’m thinking Beware of the Raisins will be printed. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking so that I have something to wear while I hand out travel-sized tubes of toothpaste to the ungrateful little monsters.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe Adorable Monstrosity escaped the Rejectionator when it’s practically identical to this.

This post from that shirt’s thread might shed some light on to why this one might be okay while the other wasn’t. Don’t know.

Interesting… doesn’t really change my feelings, but definitely informative. Thanks for the link! And for generally being super helpful this week as I flounder around the shirt.woot community without much of a clue as to what’s going on :wink:

Well the way of the woot rejection is mysterious at best. =/ It can drive you batty… I tend to expect that woot will be less strict then what people want most of the time and surprisingly strict when you least expect it.

Ha ha ha. No problem, the woot site has a lot of little ins and outs that aren’t explained that well.

Alas, most of the ones I voted for are outside the fog. :frowning: 8 votes in the top 20, but only 2 in the top 9.

Instead of HM’s, which wouldn’t make sense by the time the next DT rolls around, couldn’t they just run some EC’s next week instead?

Rooting for The New Unicorn, Beware of the Raisins, and Haunted Scarecrow. :smiley:
Crossing my fingers, but these derbies never turn out like I want them to.

They’re all epic, but I love #5 and #7 the most! 5 is lumpin’ adorable and 7 cracked me up (house that gave out raisins! hilarious!)!! I’d buy either one, or any of these for that matter!

-Beware of Raisins
-Haunted Scarecrow
-Ghost Grinder

Hopefully that order.

Yeah, I guess a uniformly rigid interpretation of the rejection criteria might be too much to hope for… the Rejectionator is only human (or a committee of several humans?), after all. Come to think of it, I’m not sure that would be a good thing anyway - it might end up unfairly targeting new Derby entrants who don’t know all the ins and outs of the rules.

I haven’t let the inconsistency in enforcement of Derby rules bother me too much so far (mainly by virtue of not paying super-close attention to the derbies), but for some reason it was frustrating to me in this case. However, I’m perfectly ready to not waste any more energy on it from this point forward :slight_smile:

I don’t know. Most of the ones in the top 9 aren’t necessarily Halloween specific. You have Raisins, and Haunted kind of (with the candy corn) but shirts like Pumpkin Patch and Ghost Grinder are awesome enough designs to not really be centered on just wearing them at Halloween. And shirts like Slow Death, He’ll Probably Be Okay and The New Unicorn can also be worn year round. I think this HalloWoot derby is actually very DT friendly.

Some of these shirts definitely scream halloween more than others, but it’s woot’s rules, so i guess they like them just fine.

was really hoping against hope that doomcat’s shirt would get up there. oh well.

Ok maybe its been said, maybe its just known, either way i dont know the answer and/or can’t find it. Whats the deal on shipping with the hallowoot shirts? Lets say i knew a friend and if this friend got “Click or Treat” today will it make it by halloween on standard shipping?