Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #224: In the Kitchen



Too many pop culture references for my taste (really 6 of the 9). I know it sells, but there’s something nice about totally original ideas.

That being said, I’m guessing the Portal shirt wins and sells out tomorrow.

My other guesses…
Saturday print: Family Breakfast (though personally I’m not a fan)
Sunday print: Bake it so!

Personally I’m pulling for “Makin’ Bread,” which is an awesome shirt in so many ways.


7 of the 9. Respectively, they are:

Marilyn Monroe
Looney Tunes
Star Trek
Star Wars
Star Wars

Overall, though, yeah, way too much reliance on PC this derby. TeeFury exists already - I like Woot to remain Woot.


aww shucks, thanks :slight_smile:


I completely agree with the both of you. I can only hope that Making Bread or Meatatarian make it, though I’m shooting for making bread that cats just too cute


The fact that randyotter’s didn’t make it is sad. An amazing idea void of pop culture references, executed flawlessly.



Woah, 7 of 9…

Is that another reference to the Star Trek universe?



Oh, and my last minute predictions:

-bake it so
-the vader ramyb shirt


I predict Star Wars and Mario take next two spots.


I guess you win!