Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #225: Australia

Some nice designs this week. My predictions:

Friday (1st): To the sun
Saturday (2nd): Marsupial in my pocket
Sunday (3rd): The outback

Tiebreaker, first day sales of Friday shirt: 3,897

And as for what I want to happen (as opposed to think), really hoping for “Pointillizard” to print. That and “To the sun” are by far my favorite submissions this week. And I really hope “Marsupial in my pocket” doesn’t. I just don’t want or need a vaguely aroused-looking koala sitting in a faux pocket on my shirt.

And sadly for fablefire, I suspect your green version of “Drop bears” just came around too late, or I think it would have printed.

I would love nothing more than to see these 3 print in order.

  1. Deep Down Under
  2. Buried Treasure
  3. The Outback

I put in votes on more than half of these, so I’m bound to be buying at least one. I’m most looking forward to To The Sun, however.

Lizard, Sun, Down Under, please - in any order.

This may be a Ramy’s double-print week.

Is it possible to double-print?

Well, at least all 3 shirts to print weren’t cartoon koalas.