Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #226: Math in Nature

Ugh. Really disappointed in what made it to the fog this time. And of course the follow up is just more kawaii. Can’t we have just already? Surely splitting it off into it’s own thing would silence most of the people who hate it cuz it’s off on it’s own, and open up regular shirt.woot for other designs.

Very much agreed… Personally I would have loved to see the #10 contender make in into the fog —and to the #1 spot. I sometimes wonder about the wear-ability of the winners.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my squirrel. He flew higher than I expected. :^)

3 black t’s, i don’t want another black t.

I would have bought two of the finalists - but none of the winners. VERY SAD face :((((((

Not my favorite derby by far. There are some cute shirts overall, but the entire idea just didn’t lend itself well to memorable t-shirts. Of course, some of that may have had to do with the winning picks that were chosen.