Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #227: Sci-Fi Kawaii

I like that Wrong Droid is lifted to the top :slight_smile:

it would be a nice reminder if you posted an rss item when voting opens. I often forget to come back because there isn’t a post until after voting is finished.

The voting opens the same time the derby opens - Friday at Noon CST. It’s the same every week.

If the Wrong Droid makes it, I think it’ll be the first time that a Tuesday (re)submission makes it to print. I know we had Monday submissions print before …

There was the wheels on the bus shirt… That seemed like it was a late resub. Like wednesday or something insane.

Maybe not though.

*edit: newp… was a sunday night… nevermind.

I think all 3 winners will have high totals. I can’t see how the Droid could make it up there, but I guess ya never know.