Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #228: Double-Take Derby 15

I’m predicting an all cooking derby sweep with these three…

Bake It So!
Makin’ Bread

Im predicting you’re right. This will be bad for my piggy bank… @_@

Why are there all these pins and needles in my desk chair? Weird.

I’m gonna be pretty sad, because regardless of which 3 win, I’m still gonna want at least 3 more of the designs that won’t print as well :frowning:

I’m hoping for at least 3 of the following…

  1. Makin’ Bread
  2. Sock Monster
  3. Star Lunch
  4. Meatatarian
  5. The Divine Prrrrrrrrrportion!
  6. Cute Has A Flavor.

Then I’ll cry like a baby that I can’t get the other 3. :frowning:

4 for me.

but my fave got #1 :slight_smile:
i’m keeping my fingers crossed for Prrrportion and Sock Monster :slight_smile:

Has there ever been a year end round up? Where the near misses from the double take derbies of the year get a last chance? It seems like even after you take out the top three each time, there is loads of support for finalists. And with the possibility of seventy two close calls to vote against it would be interesting to find out if any Of the ideas had true staying power.

Dang. I always like the Star Wars ones, but they are always on gray shirts. My experience with gray shirts is that the gray starts to fade to some pink swirling within a couple washings. I’ve never had this issue with other woot shirts, just the grays.

And you’ve been right so far…except in reverse order.

WOW. The cooking derby is unstoppable. =P Now on to the cooking derby sweeping the Editor’s choices… okay maybe not.

Are you talking about older shirts? The textured shades of heather gray did that a bit, but remember it’s been discontinued. I don’t think silver and slate have that problem.

I am exceedingly sad about the Prrroportion and Sock monster not making it. BIG GIANT SIGH OF DISAPPOINTMENT…