Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #262: Gold



So… are the three shirts still only chosen from those in the fog?


No. Special mention was made of the ability to choose shirts that maybe got the design up a little later and therefore couldn’t get up to speed with shirts that went up closer to the derby launch.

I think kharma did a wonderful job outside of the fog, but the artist community did well overall. The theme didn’t seem that interesting to me, but the artwork that came out of it was great.


Somebody forgot to fix the auto text at the top of the page. I give it two more derbies before someone gets around to fixing it.


The two phoenix shirts are the same???


‘From Gilded Ashes’ has a brush.


Yeah, sorry, some people liked the shirt without the brush better and I thought I’d submit it and WHOOPS I GUESS PEOPLE LIKED BOTH WHO’DATHUNK.

(no really I was surprised)


I want the one WITHOUT the brush!


Good point. I emailed the writer to let him know. Thanks for point it out!



OR, as we of the Numbers perfer. Wait till tomarrow and buy it. You pay 25% more for having waited, but the Artist who made that beauty gets 200% more money for the sale.


The 2 Derby estimate included a Forum Staff member noticing us noticing it. If there hadn’t be that I would have given it 5 derbies. Just like the ‘box-text’ on the reply window is still broken.


Well I guess the second and third place being picked by people instead of votes prevents both phoenixes from winning.


now its all left to bass… I may cry if I’m not able to buy that bunny shirt tomorrow… I’m that pathetic.


Same here. I’ll be devastated if it’s not the bunny shirt tomorrow.


so so depressing :frowning:


Well the bunny shirt didn’t print…I’m going to go cry a river now.


How in the hell is churchill rejected because he is a celebrity… not !! ANd some friggin pic of shakespeare is still there…" Oh My God" these people are crazy !! AND the queen is still there !!


One is a PICTURE of Churchill, the otehr is a CHARACTATURE of Shakespeare.


Agreed! There should be consistency! If “England’s Finest” is rejected for sexual innuendo, then “What?” should be too!


They did, he resubmitted after the last of the Rejectionator waves.
What ?
This is the bigger issue, we see 2, maybe 3, passes by the rejectionator a week. And then I think they only check the Tattles, and the top 20.

This means if you see a Design that needs Rejecting TATTLE ON IT! A shirt with 1 tattle might not get an immediate reaction, but if they’re seeing 4-7 messages about the shirt, it may prompt someone to stop in on the Derby and swing the BanHammer around a bit.