Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #263: England

Are these the only ones that can place in 2nd and 3rd?

They haven’t said that. The original rules update doesn’t adress ranking, though it is strongly implied that it won’t be required to be in the FOG. They also declined to reduce the FOG to 4 though.

Really though this is week 2 of the new plan, and I don’t feel comfortable making predictions without at least 8 weeks of data.


Science wants 30 Data points, so that’s 15 weeks. I’m more of a psudeoscientist, so I play loose with rules.

EDIT: It’s just occured to me, we’ve been Tea Bagged in the English FOG!

Bummer :frowning: I was in the fog the whole time until this morning ><

You still have a chance. Last week’s guest editor’s choice was 14th in votes.

I hope this week’s guest editor likes IT Crowd! lol :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!

Any Honorable Mentions for this derby?

They run slow. last I checked they were 12 days behind, but I think that’s getting better. Definately not before Wednesday though.

Oh wow! The suspense is killing me! lol

When will the Honorable Mentions be posted for the England Derby?