Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #31: Water



eh, not bad, but nothing i think i would buy.


Derby #31 End Estimates by

I’m still pushing hard for the new version of ShirtDerbyStats. I’m not pleased with my current vote estimation code and as you can tell it’s having some real issues. So bear with me until I can get the new version off and running.

Anywho, because of the skewed estimations this week I’ve pretty much ordered them by time in the fog. The entries that last in the fog longer generally have a high vote count… SO time will tell.


1st Place:
Fog’d: 6 days, 0 hours
shirt comp for Lady out of water (870 estimated votes)
by: Zenne

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 19 hours, 53 minutes
shirt comp for Swimming Koi (688 estimated votes)
by: klswoot

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 1 hours, 55 minutes
shirt comp for Swim, Little Nessie! (688 estimated votes)
by: JadenKale

4th Place:
Fog’d: 23 minutes
shirt comp for Treacherous Waters (688 estimated votes)
by: jamescho84


OMG, cwarrington predicts a three-way tie for third. This could make for an insane Saturday morning or Sunday morning! Dead Heat +1, anyone?


If two get the same vote total, I think Woot has a history of having a two-fer. That said, I think the counts won’t be as close as shirtderbystats implies… I think nessie’s up by 20-30 and it’s a virtual tie between the koi and treacherous water. Will be interesting!


Well i hope cho’s design gets printed. I also think i will buy KLS and possibly the one by Zenne. Might be a little to girly for me. Nessie is def. cute but i cant even pull that off. lol. Great Shirts.


How long you think they will last? 3 sellouts?


how the heck did Nessie even get in the top 5??? this is madness… i really miss the days where teh interwebs was run by 18-30 yo horny guys…:frowning:


Congrats, guys (and girls :wink: )! It’s disappointing only 3 will be printed!


Oh it still is, bro… check out those curves on Nessie!


Every time I visited the derby in the past week the same four designs have been in the fog. Starting like…10 hours after the derby opened? This is crazy, I’ve never seen anything like this before, we generally see a lot more diversity in the fog throughout the week than just 5 or 6 designs.


Well, good thing I’m back to work now, 'cause I can see I’ll be buying 3 shirts this week. :slight_smile:

Good job ladies (and cho).


Not bad… I was really really hoping Hazelnuts’ 75% water shirt would be on this list… I was prepared to purchase that one…


I really do hope the koi shirt gets printed. I’m absolutely in love with it.

Either way I’ll be spending my first dollars on woot this weekend, all of these are really great.


Ah…seeing the top four brought back the butterflies. I’m so glad the new theme was announced today…keeps my mind off the ranking. Terrified that I fell to fourth in the last hour of the derby. (Just have a strange feeling given the wild hotness votes.)

Congratulations to Jaden and Zenne on their first trip to the final four. It’s going to be exciting over the next 3 days. And, ‘welcome back’ to James with 3 incredible designs in the water derby…treacherous waves included!


My checkbook is ready!!!


cho tonight! woohoo!!


Cho over KLS personally… although if it’s a tie somehow I’d definitely go for both.