Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #35: Spring

Derby #35 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 23 hours
Spring Shming, Where’s My Coffee (683 estimated votes)
by: tgentry

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 8 hours
Spring-ATRON R.E.S.U.B. Mark 2 resub (615 estimated votes)
by: rglee129

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 4 days, 13 hours
Zombie Garden (615 estimated votes)
by: skaght

4th Place:
Fog’d: 17 hours, 19 minutes
Pockets of Spring III (578 estimated votes)
by: thedansterwashere

Now that it is up and printable, any chance we can get the robot eyes made back into exclamation points - as designed in the earlier submission?

It was so much nicer a design with the ! in the eyes… :slight_smile:

I hope i can get my hands on Zombie Garden. Great shirt. Sorry tgentry, shirt is a little too plain for me. But nice job. I am usually in for your shirts too.

Please SDS be right! I want my zombie shirt. I don’t care if it’s third. I WANT IT!!!

If SDS is right then the crappy clip art tree WILL be printed. It predicted a tie between Springatron and Zombie Garden, after all.

the chance of a tie is not very high. Even so, a tie would guarantee that crappy clip-art tree wouldn’t deny one of the other three far better shirts from a printing.

Its just so damn original. I NEED!

If Spring-ATRON and Zombie Garden actually tie and we get another two-for-one deal I’d be very very happy. I don’t know if I can afford another $20 right now but they’re both so awesome

Yeah, nothing more original than a zombie shirt…

I really wanted Here Comes The Sun (do do do) But I do like Spring-ATRON and if it is indeed tied with Zombie Garden I will be in for one.

From one bear-design to another, I hope tgentry’s coffeebear makes it in the next two days… I want to get the shirt for my dad- it sums him up perfectly!

Must have robot-butterfly massacre. Don’t want to stay up late… delema!!

How close was Here Comes the Sun? I was hoping it would have made it.

OK, everyone shake hands, make up and think about text art. SDS missed on first place, so all other predictions are moot at this point.

Ya tricky little shirt there… It seemed to have a nice steady stream of votes, and it seems to have been bouncing in and out of the hotness quite a bit… that is when my estimates start to get skewed more…

The last to weeks I’ve been so spot on, well you can’t “guess” them all :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

I still think 2nd and 3rd are going to be pretty close just based on how 1st place turned out, and the hotness times of the other shirts… But time will tell!

In the future I’m going to see about putting an estimation percentage or something so I can let you guys know how accurate I feel the estimates are, based on time within the hotness and such…

Anywho, they are always going to be just my best guess, so I’m glad you guys appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and visiting SDS.

Hey all we can do is thank you for trying. No big deal that it wasnt spot on this week.

I hope you didn’t take my post as a slight against SDS. I refer to it quite often during the week. It just seemed that people were using the estimates for the fog for the wrong purpose .

Dang it. I really wanted a grumpy bear shirt this week. :frowning:

Yeah, me too. Something’s wrong with the voting. I want a recount! :slight_smile: