Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #38: The Year You Were Born

Derby #38 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 23 hours
1986: The Legend Was Born (1042 estimated votes)
by: fablefire

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 4 hours
1988, The Human Genome Project (849 estimated votes)
by: sundbe10

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 3 days, 13 hours
1984: Duck Hunt {RESUB} (768 estimated votes)
by: jamescho84

4th Place:
Fog’d: 45 minutes
1969- Great Moon Hoax (578 estimated votes)
by: SkekTek

Congrats to my fellow foggers! You three made some outstanding shirts! I’m assuming, like stats, that I’m a solid 4, but I’m honored just to be included. Truly honored.

Bummer on the 4th place for the moon hoax… by far my favorite, though I also particularly liked the Zelda shirt.

Thanks all for the great designs…

BTW, I think 3+ years between registering and my first comment might be a record…

Neat stuff, I need to come up with tenbucks tonight it would seem…

did the moon one get bumped outta the fog at the last minute?

Technically it got bumped out of the fog, at the last ‘45’ minutes, but yes it did, firmly placing it in 4th.

What happened to the Michael Jackson shirt? I thought that one was a clear winner!

Agreed, who doesnt like thriller?!

That shirt so rocked! I was seriously hoping to nab it up if it won. sigh Oh well…I guess I have to do my Thriller dance without the shirt.

I wonder if the second design of thriller sucked some of the votes away from it. It was doing well yesterday.

It’s a sin not to sell that Atari chimpanzee shirt. There were like 8 shirts I’d have bought from this derby…all were head and shoulders over the stinkers swooting the last three days.

yea, thats my thought.

and real shame about the moon shirt, i really liked it :frowning:

sigh…i wanted thriller too…

keepin’ mah 10 bux in mah pocket.


stealing votes? Am I a total newbie or something but it seems like you can vote more than once right? I can click “I want it” for 10 shirts right? I cant wait to purchase Cho’s duckhunt shirt. Ill have to pass on zelda and human genome. Im in med school and wearing a human genome shirt would be like…being asian and wearing a dragon shirt with chinese characters all over it.

They mean stealing votes by having two really similar shirts up to vote for (a full Thriller design and a smaller 2 line version). When you put up multiple versions of the same shirt, you run the risk of cutting your votes in half because maybe they liked the design, but not the shirt color or, in the case of Thriller, a full shirt print. If you put a second one up with a new shirt color or modified design, people may be more drawn to the second one, taking votes away from the first one. There was a really intricate one up there this derby with the plant coming out of earth. He submitted 2 versions. I think he could have done better had he not added a second version on creme.

And Grats to cwarrington for only being off by 10 votes this week on Fable’s entry. Let’s hope your others are just as similar.

Congratulations Contenders! Looks like the 80s were popular for voters and designers! Way to go shektek…representing the 1969 folks.

Thanks! :slight_smile: It was tough competing against all the young’uns :wink: Wanted to get to 3rd, but it’s hard to beat Cho.