Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #39: Motion



I was never able to decide who I like in the top 7 so I voted for everyone… but the army one… I don’t understand why I would want them jumping from my pocket, it looked great artistically but I am a Cho man myself. Waters please?


If you vote for all of them, why even vote? 1st and 2nd are basically guaranteed to be Cho’s water and then the army one.


Sorry for the delay on my estimate post this week, I was un-avoidably away from the internet…

Derby #39 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 4 days, 11 hours
Treacherous Waters v.2 (1214 estimated votes)
by: jamescho84

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 3 days, 12 hours
Army in my Pocket Version 2 (888 estimated votes)
by: sundbe10

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 33 minutes
Perpetual Emotion (729 estimated votes)
by: sokowa

4th Place:
Fog’d: 3 minutes
Gravity Discovers Newton (729 estimated votes)
by: jamescho84


cw, I’m very impressed with how accurate your estimates are getting lately.

I’m glad to see army men getting second. It’s a really cool design, and I’m intending to get one for my dad, who served a long time ago. And congrats to sokowa and Cho for fogging…


Thanks Skek… I was also happily surprised on my estimates and how accurate they were last week… I’m a little worried that Cho’s estimate is pretty high… But he’s gotten over 1000 votes before so, time will tell…


Wow are you predicting a tie for 3rd? man this week will be a true test of derbystats accuracy. I hope Newton came out on top of that third place race.


Go jamescho84, Go!


CW, I SO hope you are right. I hope to get Perpetual Emotion and Army In My Pocket! If you are right and Emotion ties with the Cho, this will be my second Cho shirt by default. :wink: I like Cho’s work, I just lean toward things that make me smile.


sorry i dont know how this works but what happens in the case of a tie? you have to buy both shirts?


historically, if there’s a derby tie, they offer both shirts for $10 that first day, but each is $15 separately after the first day.


And ANY of these shirts for $5 is well worth it! I am anticipating spending some money this weekend.


Poor Newton.

But I’m really psyched for Army! :slight_smile:


unfortunately the stats aren’t usually down to the single vote :slight_smile:

don’t expect a tie, but a few weeks back there were 2 ties back to back. a 5 shirt weekend.


yeah, actual=1154 votes estimated=1214

so i guess its unlikely that there will be a tie…


Most likely not. However, my money is on for an F5 Fest on Saturday night starting at 23:59:30, and I think we will all be there.


Me likey the Army shirt. HeHeHe.


I know I plan to be.


Because I can!! Isn’t that the American way? :slight_smile:


Well, shirtderbystats was off by only 3 for Perpetual Emotion. That means Newton got either 730, 729 or 728 votes. VERY close!

It was also off by just 3 votes for Army, while off by 50 votes for Treacherous.