Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #417: Speed Derby - Shirt Mashups

Good luck to all the finalists!

Updating here too:

Sorry, all, we may have flubbed up the announcing of the winners in the livestream (by “may” I mean “definitely”), here’s the top vote-getters:

1st Place – Before Binging – omarfeliciano

2nd Place – Secret of the Ooze - oaken spirit

3rd Place – Sneaky Delicious - thumperchick

You each will get a cool $100, though our processes to do so will be slow. Travis says he’ll submit it to accounting with the rest of the stuff at the end of the month, and TC you should hear from us to set up an account then. Omar & oaken - just look for some extra $$ in your next paycheck from us :smiley:


Yey! Thanks guys, this was really fun to do! Hope to see more like this, and the live broadcast, in the near future.

Agree! I love these bonus fun derbies- I wish I could watch the broadcasts (grr work) but I am all for having more of them- :smiley: Thanks guys! Glad you dug mine (and grats to Omar and Thumperchick!)

OF COURSE the winners agree :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, we def think they’re fun. Hopefully more!