Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #43: Slogans



Derby #43 End Estimates by

FYI: the estimate should all be a little higher than the actual vote count this week. See ya tomorrow!

1st Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 19 hours
Irony (566 estimated votes)
by: snakeweber

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 2 days, 17 hours
turns out Carmen was in San Diego (443 estimated votes)
by: intaglio

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 4 days, 8 hours
…except in a real race (401 estimated votes)
by: haxrox

4th Place:
Fog’d: 25 minutes
My other shirt smelled better… (391 estimated votes)
by: SkekTek…-g7c7l1-s.jpg


Since skek’s shirt was fogged for what I believe was less than an hour I think we know which ones are being printed…


Wasn’t the Carmen Sandiego slogan actually found on a real shirt? Or maybe someone just said it with no proof, heh.

Congrats to all. SkekTek, hope you made it!


Looks like I’ll be buying Sunday night. I think irony is funny, but the print is way too big. (And also mired in controversy.)


I think we can figure out SkekTek’s exact vote count by looking at the hotness count at 2:35 and adding that to the 5th place votes. As of 1:30, your estimate looks right on the money.

Thanks so much for shirtderbystats. My OCD checking of woot would have been intolerable this week without your derby tools and pagination.


The carmen sandiego shirt is actually the second most legit entry to fog.

Much as I hate skek’s entry here, I’m hoping it places just for the irony of hax’s slogan losing the race. And also because hax’s design would have been rejected for an unrepresentative thumbnail in a real derby


this wasn’t my favorite entry by you, skek, but I hope sds is wrong.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be going to bed early for the next few days!

let’s hope for a summer derby with less drahma. and more beachy goodness


thanks folks for your support! I can’t believe I made it into the fog. guess slow and steady DOES help in races :slight_smile: 10 votes, wow. Hopefully that’s off because of all the silliness that occurred in the last week on the counts.

I am very happy to be fogging again! I’m happy for intaglio too, since we were sequential submissions in this crazy race.


I had high hopes for this derby.
Squash’d, they be.


Why do you consider woot’s rejections to be a final word, but not their exceptions? You’re just making up rules based on what they’ve done in the past; what if this Hidden Tome of Woot Law says, “no entry shall be resurrected from rejection, unless we the Woot gods deem we have made a mistake”?

We use Derek Filley’s generously compiled list of rules because woot hasn’t posted their 50 derby commandments. As evidenced by this derby, the rejectors subjectively pwn entries based on what they “feel” is fair. Maybe that’s not how you’d do it, but consider that their are other systems of justice besides yours. It’s kind of silly to treat each rejection as representative of a canon of rules, since obviously woot rejects on a case by case basis.

Yes, it can look hypocritical, yes, I’ve been very frustrated by my rejections, but until woot posts a list of rules, let’s not aggravate ourselves further by assuming that impassive rules with no wiggle room is how everything should be run. Other people do take the time to reason through things. You’re blunt and intelligent Adder; try mentally arguing the other side of an issue before posting your viciously humorous insights.


Why didn’t I submit in time??? This’ll learn me to sign up for the newsletter. Dear Shirt.Woot, please run a slogan derby again sometime soon.


Let’s don’t and say that we did.


thanks Skek! i was glad to see your design running back up to the top. i’m surprised it got lost along the way. if it hadn’t, i’m sure it would’ve been fighting for first place with the momentum it had. evidently, sunday morning is a good time to post your entries…

i’ve never made it to the fog before, and i’m surprised i did with a slogan theme. never expected that


With the quantity of woot.shirts I’ve gotten or plan to grab once they’re on the cusp of reckoning, it’s kind of a relief to see a derby go by with nothing in any way desirable. I can pretty much count on the weekdays to be miserable by now.


Here’s pulling for Skek. That is the only shirt I would even remotely think of springing for. I’ve got a bad feeling I’m gonna catch ‘Irony’ in the next baggie of sizzle.