Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #44: Summer

Derby #44 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 6 days, 0 hours
Suburban Blitzkrieg (1103 estimated votes)
by: tgentry

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 23 hours
When Life Gives you Lemons… (832 estimated votes)
by: jamescho84…-9j7cvi-s.jpg

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 11 hours
Oh Burned!!! (673 estimated votes)
by: JadenKale!!!-aauhbc-s.jpg

4th Place:
Fog’d: 3 minutes
Summertime (654 estimated votes)
by: Zenne

I don’t know if I want Suburban Blitzkrieg or Oh Burned!!!

On one hand, I really like the former’s color, on the other, I do not have an orange s.w.

I have so many shirts, and so little money, I’ll have to think about it.

Was seriously considering either the lemons or the fish, but I already bought random shirts and I don’t like spending a lot of money in a short period of time. :tongue:

Will have to think about this…

Congratulations to the four fogged designers. Titans, all of you!

My favorites didn’t make it but I save money for when they do or for dailies so it’s all good.

Congrats everyone on your fogged entries and congrats everyone who loves these shirts! :smiley:

When I looked at the derby entries near the beginning of the week, I thought I might potentially buy three shirts this weekend. Now it seems I might only be able to buy one, if any at all.

I was hoping Cho’s Iced Tea shirt would’ve made the cut. But at least my second favorite of the derby - his Lemonade one - will be available. As far as beverages go, I like lemonade, but I love iced tea (especially sweet tea).

Too bad both shirts didn’t win. I could’ve layered them and had an Arnold Palmer.

Cho’s icecream shirt better get an honorable mention. It was the best shirt this derby, with the exception of a couple random entries.

I second your sentiment. Guess I saved up to $30.00 this week. Congrats to all who voted for these shirts, and I hope they sellout.

Lulz, I did like the eskimo tea shirt. The idea of layering the two is pretty funny but Arnold Palmer is a great drink. I also really like Zenne’s shirt so if it prints, I’ll definitely consider it. I also think tg did a great job and find his shirt to be very original, it’s just not my colors or style. Still, great job!
I hope Summer-ai and a few others get honorable mentions. I also loved a lot of sokowa’s entries this week. Also loved toe’s and Warholbot’s waterslide. I know I’m forgetting some of the others.
Ah, yes, one of my favorites was mihalis aya’s royal blue ice cream truck. I loved the texture, the color and the design. Also, tg’s blockbuster shirt was something I would have bought on royal blue.
Enjoy your shirts everyone! I also hope they sellout!

Ironic that this would be the sentiment, as I think this is probably the best ending fog since water, mayhaps even better. Not to say there aren’t other shirts I liked better, but the only change I’d make is to sub in cho’s ice cream truck for his lemons. I’m very content to see woot finally got it right.

I know the estimates make the placements a foregone conclusion, but still good luck to everyone… maybe Zenne can pull off a tie.

I don’t think it’s foregone. There’s less than 20 estimated votes between third and fourth, and the other three were in the fog so long, they might be overestimated.

Ties would be amazing.

The SDS stats have been wacked out all week. I am pretty sure of James’s and TG’s entries being the top 2, but Jaden and Zenne may be very close/tied or spread far apart. Jaden and Jame’s ice cream entries kept near exact hotness and vote count for most of the week, and Zenne’s had kept a higher hotness on average than either of them once hitting the top 10/fog. I know that Zenne’s got booted from the fog right before the close of voting and made it back into the fog, but since Jaden’s was subbed before Zenne’s it is very possible that they had the same total but the submission times kept hers from getting bumped out.

Am very happy at the possibility of Blitzkrieg making it through the fog BUT…are there others out there (women, maybe?) who may be sick of the ONE style of AA shirt. I understand this is how Woot! can keep the prices low but would adding just ONE more cut, one that is slightly more feminine, kill anyone! How 'bout a v-neck or a looser round neck? The collar is just too priest-like and the arms are too long.

I don’t fully understand how the estimates for 1nd and 2nd place has such a gap… They were only fogged 1 hour different, and yet nearly a 300 vote difference.

TGentry coming through on top. I’m glad you’re back in the running with these derbies. I think some of your best shirts have been overlooked, like the movement shirt. I am really excited for this shirt.

They have a shirt for women though… There are men’s shirts that are cut like most men’s shirts and they have women’s shirts that have the different chest cut and the shorter sleeves and such.

Ahhhhh… (sigh of relief)… LOVE being on the West Coast… I will own one of these by 10:01 tonight! KICK ASS!

Yeah West Coast and the whole time change that I don’t quite understand but care even less about. All I know is we get it 2 hours early!

Looks like tgentry has finally hit his stride! Congrats, dude! And big clapping to Jaden for making it in the fog again.