Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #45: Imaginational Symbols


Potential doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. And there’s no precedent for even a 3-way tie, so who knows if woot would actually do a 3-for-1?

We can hope though… XP


well since we only get 1 vote per shirt, there’s a limit to how hard we can vote to try to push our favorites to the top, unless you set up multiple accounts and buy something from each so you have voting rights (but that’s CHEATING! kinda?) =P


But wooters would NEVER do anything like that would they. :wink:


Can Youbetchucan win?



Actually, no it can’t. Worm Hole Republic won. Youbetchucan could (and probably will) take second or third though.

Yay semantics! :wink: