Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #53: Double-Take Derby #2

Derby #53 End Estimates by

Do-over #2 is in the books, and over all it should be a pretty close race for 2nd and 3rd, I’m going to stick with my predictions for 1st and 4th…

See ya tomorrow Derby’ers!

1st Place:
Fog’d: 3 days, 6 hours
Oooo Shiney! (634 estimated votes)
by: dsladek

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 1 days, 13 hours
this shirt (578 estimated votes)
by: redghia69

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 14 hours
energy harvester (575 estimated votes)
by: dsladek

4th Place:
Fog’d: 5 minutes
Inspired By Rocky Raccoon By The Beatles (572 estimated votes)
by: jamescho84

Congratulations to the fogged finishers this week! Great designs here.

Big congrats to all the foggers, there’s not one among them that doesn’t deserve to be printed. Nice work. I’m hoping the stats on the Raccoon are off because I’ve really wanted that shirt since it first appeared.

congrats to ye olde foggers!

I’m hoping so too, especially since it would be an absolute waste of a do-over if the same designer placed twice, especially a designer who has yet to learn how to turn good art into a good shirt. I fear it won’t be the case, tho, since rocky was out of the fog not a half hour before the finish.

Why would that be a waste? Also, both of ladeks designs looked good. Personally I didn’t vote for the energy one but I don’t know how you can say his art won’t translate into a good tee. In my opinion they both look great, and are both totally different looking designs.

thank you.

You need to get over it. The voting population clearly doesn’t feel as you do. I liked and voted for both of dsl shirts and when they print this weekend, I will be buying both. I voted for the bird one its first time around too (since then I received a cream shirt and found out, cream is not my color). I liked MANY of the designs this time around and hope they do print. But what I want isn’t always what gets printed and I get over it. If you have something positive to say about a design feel free, but honestly, two posts in two different threads showing you are upset because dsl will have two shirts printed is really unneeded. If you have something valid to say on why they won’t print well, enlighten us.

Just an observation: You have THREE tree shirts in your sig; making for four plant shirts total. =O Also, the gas/skull 3-D shirt, isn’t a woot shirt FWIW… it’s teefury. Actually, you have many non-woot shirts… way to confused people that might want “that awesome woot shirt you have in your sig” =p

Back to the subject at hand. I have no reason to think that any of ds’s designs wouldn’t look good on a shirt. I’ve heard that from more people than just one, so I trust them. I don’t really (obviously l ol) have an eye for what WOULD look good on a shirt. But I do think ds’s talent is incredible, and I do not mind seeing two winners from him. I love the cartoony-style because I wish I could do it… =) However, I would not buy any of his shirts on here (sorry! Still love the work) so i guess that does say something about a good T-shirt, or not. Would you buy any of the two, gambit?

Congrats you crazy foggers.

I’d say, especially in the case of “Oooh, shiny,” which was i believe his first venture into shirt design, that mr. sladek’s downfall is taking art (which one cannot much deny he has skill in) and translating it to a successful shirt. Concept? Sure, it’s right on. Artwork? Certainly higher than most derbyists. But it’s not really a shirt… the placement is incredibly lopsided… especially with a design that is so heavy to the wearer’s left, it would look far better more centered, instead of with so much “weight” on one side. Energy harvester looks way better on a shirt, IMO, and it shows that the artist put a bit more time on integrating the design to the chosen canvas, but to my eyes, I’d have a hard time feeling good about a dual victory for someone I feel isn’t operating on their full potential. Especially in a derby supposedly full of the best designs of the last 6+ months.

It’s simply my hope that the far more worthy designs in 4th 5th and 6th don’t screw any of the far more worthy designs that didn’t have a shot in hell out of a well deserved Editor’s Choice printing

ETA: I do find it almost charming that when people who have proven they’ve mastered the game of turning art into a shirt fog twice even in the beginning of a derby, people throw fits, yet when someone who hasn’t proven the same thing has the likelihood of being printed twice in a derby meant to showcase the BEST designs, everyone rushes to their defense.

Thank you for saying this, tgentry. You are a gentleman of the first order. Your words carry so much more gravitas and veritas than the unending whining of Woot’s herd of chronic, obsessive, intractible complainers.

More to the point, a big congratulations to dsladek, a relatively new artist who has done the near-impossible in placing two shirts in the final four in a do-over derby, a feat that pretty much makes him mighty.

hmm, yep I do! what can I say there are some cool tree shirts : ) and yes I believe I have 5 non woot shirts in my sig, but I didn’t know that was wrong! I don’t think it is anyway, and basically that is just a collection of all the shirt’s I’ve bought since I started with woot a couple months back. Basically I like to keep track of them :smiley: A couple times people have asked where I purchased a shirt and I just let them know. Anyway yeah I am going to buy Ooo shiney because I love the cartoony artwork, and I’ve definitely never seen anything like that before on a shirt. The other one is very cool looking but just isn’t a shirt I’d ever wear : )

And @ adder: I disagree with you on the placement. I really like where it is because it makes it appear that as soon as he snatches the badge he’s going to run off the side of the shirt. I suppose it is a little weighty but I think it conveys a sense of urgency that wouldn’t work as well with a centered design. Also I’m not rushing to his defense, and I have no idea who “established” artists are here as I’ve only been around for a couple months. I’m simply pointing out where I believe you’re wrong. I vote for shirts based on whether or not I would wear them, not based on who designed them. And while there were tons of great designs in this do-over (there should be since these are handpicked) I don’t think ladek was any less deserving than another artist to have his shirt printed, his art is fantastic. Anyway I look forward to seeing the editor’s choices as well! :smiley: I haven’t been too happy with the dailies lately so hopefully they can pick some good ones!

Just wanted to congratulate all the foggers. IMHO, all are very deserving. Of course, there were a lot I loved this derby that didn’t make it. I’m hoping for an edgar in an editor’s choice (please!) and some of the other great designs as well.

Hey, the cubist birds stayed in! It seems funny that the shirt couldn’t get as many people to click “I’d want one” in 6 days as it did in 4 days last time, but judging by a few comments here and there, I think some people missed that it’s just bird silhouettes that we hate now… :wink: It’s very cool to finish in the fog in any case!

Well, I hope it prints, and I’m looking forward to the Editor’s Choices too. If the Raccoon really is 4th, I hope it’s choosen. There are others I’d like, but the Prospector, sokowa’s Bug, and any of 3 or 4 of Edgar’s (though 1 would be enough for me) are also on my short list. My wife wants Summertime. I suppose everyone has a list of wants… Hopefully everyone can find something they like this week, even if their first choice didn’t quite make it.

It looks like you going to get printed redg. Congrats! I really like the design of your shirt (sadly, cream is not my color). I think it is very unqiue for t-shirt designs and I may end up getting one for my mom anyway.

Yeah, I was rooting for the Prospector again… didn’t do quite as well as I hoped (obviously…? kind of a “duh” moment) So, I hope it’s picked though I don’t imagine chances are very good for a third chance design.

Aside from the fact that it was a second chance derby, and so many of cho’s designs do well in the first place, I was tempted to say dsladek was challenging cho’s title by beating him in this derby. That’s not likely the case at all, but Adder’s opinions seem pretty extreme.

I definitely say congrats to dsladek!

One of the best foursomes in a while.

Shut up and buy a shirt already! :slight_smile: