Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #55a: Derbylympics, 1st Event - Black & White

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1st Place:
Fog’d: 1 days, 23 hours
Voices In My Head (520 estimated votes)
by: sundbe10

Umm, isn’t the post all messed up? I thought only ONE of the following four was going to go on sale…not THREE of them…Did you guys forget that you can’t use the same old Derby Contender posting template for this one? >> Or am I just being retarded? I thought these go on sale next week, not at midnight >______>

that was my understanding as well - one winner for sale this coming friday for this leg. I assume the shirt crew will correct.

I hope not. I would love to see all three be sold. Perhaps the shirt crew took into consideration the number of times people commented on the fact that would like to see all three for sale. I dunno.

:: scratches head ::

So, yeah…uhh…how many of what goes on sale when?

Only the top one of these 4 will be sold. The 4 finishers are being shown in order to increase the anticipation, I am sure.

Someone needs to update the wootbot. Apparently it did not read carefully.

Does someone know how to view all the entries for this derby? I’m just curious what everyone entered and can’t figure out how to view all of them without viewing them one by one.

when can i buy one of these shirts is it tonight or friday?? im soooo confused

One of the four above will be sold on Friday. Saturday will feature the winner of the current event, and we’ll see the winner of the third event (which starts on Tuesday) on Sunday.

@Wonderbunny - If you’d like to see all the entries to the first event, they’ll be available at this link. You acn’t access it now, however; it’ll just redirect you to the current derby page.

Alternatively, you could go through the SDS archives. Here’s the page for Black and White.

I love how great all of these look together on the contenders page.

i think Wootbot didnt read the explanation carefully this time.
its only one of the four unfortunately

People really stepped up to the challenge for this derby–there were some amazing entries for such a limited amount of time and color choices!

It’s a good thing (for my wallet) that only one will be sold . . . I recently realized I probably need to curb my shirt-purchasing when I saw I had bought seven shirts in about a week. >.<

Thanks! It looks like there were some awesome designs! I hope Woot does HM’s just from this part of the derby so that many of the great ones in this get second chances.

So we’ll finally see the winner of this tonight, yes?

It already feels like it’s been forever. I had almost forgotten who the contenders were.

I truly would have thought there would be pages & pages of comments on the Derbylympics, after all these really are some magnificent works of art I’ve seen since joining woot. Kudos to all the artists in this Derbylympics Black & White theme.