Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #55b: Derbylympics, 2nd Event - Oxymorons

And here’s the 55B Loser Awards:

Derby #55b End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 1 days, 12 hours
Stop Motion (444 estimated votes)
by: eHalcyon

Could be the first ehalcyon printing… !!!

Hoping so!!

I hope Stop Motion wins! I like the other designs but can’t see myself wearing any of them like I can with Stop Motion.

I missed the last hotness reading before they switched the derbies… So my guess could be off.

Good luck to everyone.

Thanks rglee, sailor and wonderbunny! What with SDS being off these last few weeks and this one actually being a fairly close race, I’m going to predict a second place finish for myself. But the designs were mostly in the Hotness the whole two days, so maybe the estimate is good? I hope that last reading didn’t throw it off too much…

I agree best loser, Some Serious Fun is fantastic. Congrats Contenders.