Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #55c: Derbylympics, 3rd Event - Freestyle

Derby #55c End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 1 days, 21 hours
F5 Refreshes you! (598 estimated votes)
by: soothedbyrainfall

I feel bad for removing my vote on the really cool Black Hole one at the last second in hopes of F5 winning.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who put the pig in a helmet in the fog. It is my first time and I am really appreciative to those who supported my shirt.

Don’t feel bad. Don’t think I have a shot at #1 anyway. All the other shirts in the fog here are great.

And here’s the Best Loser Awards:

I don’t usually give awards to shirts in the fog but made an exception for the clever, “Ham in Armor”.

congrats anyway! if this were a regular derby you would have won.

congrats to all the foggers. you’re all winners.

Thanks for the fog, everyone. Congrats to bry for his first fog, to robert for the late rocket up and to soothed for what I would say is an assured win. :slight_smile:

her, HER!!! herumf, you’re in big trouble mr ehal.

Bry = Bryan?

Sorry about that. You just seem too polite. :wink:


I thought Bry was a girl too.(?) I thought I saw a picture of her wearing one of the tees. And, then she showed a picture of her boyfriend wearing another woot shirt. Maybe I’m just confused…wouldn’t be the first time?

Congratulations to all the medalists and 1st place winners for the 3-leg derby

Thanks again for the votes everybody and congrats to fellow foggers brydesign, ehalcyon and thatrobert!

Now we just have to wait until Sunday to see who won for sure because no matter what shirtderbystats says I am not one to count my chickens before they are hatched…especially since it seemed like thatrobert’s design pretty much owned the hotness once it entered the race.

This is my favorite fog in a long time. I am so disappointed we are only going to see one shirt; it for sure would have been a three shirt weekend. Here’s hoping the others all get HMs!!

Awesome job by the artists on this one.

Am I the only one a little disappointed by the overall submissions in the freestyle derby? There were such great entries in the first two (Who woulda thought oxymoron’s would fare so well?). Woot allowed people to submit whatever they please for the first time… and …Consarnit, I guess I just had higher hopes.

To all of those who thought I was a girl - i am not. I check the little box that says M on all my forms. :slight_smile:

Is “Refreshes You” incidental text? I can see the “F5” being ok, but I don’t think the huge words that share the focus of the shirt fit within the construct of “incidental.”

I wouldn’t call it incidental, but this was a freestyle derby. I don’t think there were any restrictions on text whatsoever.

I understand what you’re saying but I was also relieved how few designs seem to be abusing the fact that they could really sub anything (like slogans). If people really read carefully, we could have had the slogan derby all over again.

Sorry about that! Must have you confused with another wooter. I’ll be sure to remember Mr. Bry next time. :slight_smile: