Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #55c: Derbylympics, 3rd Event - Freestyle

Sorry my fault. I was mixing derbies. Cancel my question. Thanks E.

Doh, I kinda wanted the Giygas… i mean… Taijitsu shirt :stuck_out_tongue: However, the F5 shirt was my other favorite.

i was sooo happy it didn’t turn into a slogan derby - - i wasn’t around for the first and I didn’t want to see what it was like!

I agree that all four are great, but I think your shirt is #1 (hoping anyway). I like simple, elegant designs…Even if you don’t come out on top, I hope it will get printed somewhere.

Great designs to all !

anyone sees family guy death character in Grim T?

Hmmm… just checked. Does look a bit similar. In my defense, the grim reaper character is often depicted as a cloaked figure. My spin is just having the father and son combo. :slight_smile:

definitely hoping for the grim in this one. all the designs are neat, but the grim is the only shirt i’d buy. especially love the colour shirt it would be printed on.

i like the shirt and i like the design, i was just curious of the inspiration. obviously all depictions of grim are pretty much the same

Mm. My inspiration was a pun, actually. I talked about it in the first post I made on the shirt. Basically, I was expecting a fatherhood derby to come up since it was getting close to father’s day. The pun I had in mind was “Father Hood,” Hood being the god of death (of course a grim reaper-like person) in the Malazan series of novels. :slight_smile: