Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #58: Work

Derby #58 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 3 days, 1 hours
The Choice Was Not Hard (861 estimated votes)
by: BootsBoots

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 16 hours
Urban Painter (829 estimated votes)
by: kdeuce

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 4 days, 9 hours
The Night Shift (696 estimated votes)
by: rglee129

4th Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 23 hours
M.C. Escher: Space Planner for Hire (642 estimated votes)
by: tgentry

Well at least I’ll get another “So Close” badge at SDS. :slight_smile:

As probably the king of fourth and fifth place finishes let me say if you’re going to just miss, it’s best to lose out to actual well done entries, which these are. Great job to the designers.

Maybe one of the asphalt shirts didn’t do as well as predicted so I can get both tgentry’s shirt and rglee’s too. I love both of those (the moon makes me laugh). And since I work in cublic city so liked that one too.

I wonder how BootsBoots shirt will print. I have a side heavy shirt and it’s a little weird to the point it bothers me a lot and I can tell people avoid looking at it because it sits right over one side of my chest. It also makes the design really hard to see. Maybe the “choice” shirt will be better as it more spread out. I’m interested in finding out anyway so I know if I should avoid that design set up of it it is just something about the one shirt I have.

Oh yeah! Congrats to the top four. All awesome designs (just can’t do asphalt).

Tgentry- for what it’s worth, I was sporting my Blitzkreig shirt at the mall last nite- it looks awesome in person. Plus I’m not 100% sure I edged you out…

Wonderbunny- thanks for the kind words!

And thanks to all that voted. I hope this one prints- I think it would look great since so much shirt color shows as outlines and details…

I do not know how the “M.C. Escher: Space Planner for Hire” shirt is not in the top three. It seemed to be in the fog the whole week. I’m not familiar with woot’s stats but it seems it was topping the charts for a while.

All four finalists have really creative ideas, but that design depicts a classical/artistic representation of “work” (IMO).

I was really hoping this one would get printed.

I agree with every point you made. And I really hope to buy this shirt.

True, you do come in 4th or 5th a lot, but you are amazing and I never understand how you are not 1st or 2nd every week.

I dunno… I’ve had a lot of 4th and 5th too :slight_smile:

I’m actually sad about the escher if it misses. It’s a visually intriguing design. It has got to be pegged for a do-over if it misses…

I really, really hope these stats are correct, as I’m dying to buy The Night Shift.

I’d also like to buy Urban Painter. Hopefully they both print!

I wanted Number Cruncher so hard. :[

Don’t want any of them. I hope the next theme brings more fun designs I can actually relate to.

Number cruncher would have been awesome to see up here, that shirt blew my mind. The colors were fantastic, everything just went great with it.

My 2nd choice was Urban Painter, that shirt just amazes me every single time I look at the design. Such a beautiful burnt orange or so it looks, but its very beautiful.

I was planning on picking up Number Cruncher as well. I also just bought The Madness of Miss Stereo. As I said to Mitohapa, apparently I like to wear female heads on my torso. I’ll pick up Urban Painter though.

looks like another hoping for a tie weekend!

best of luck rglee & gentry. here’s hoping I can pick up both of yours, they’re great

did you get her Daydreamer from teefury? that shirt is amazing. I love it! You need a US addy for teefury to ship to, then have them ship to you, with so many wooters getting printed there! :slight_smile:

I really wanted number cruncher too. but I’ll be happy with rglee’s or tgentry’s

I considered it but ultimately did not. I’ve been checking teefury almost daily though. With so many quality designs I’ll find something I absolutely need eventually. There have been a few on which I probably would have pulled the trigger if it weren’t for the hassle of having to send it to someone in the States first. The lack of international shipping is probably a good thing though, since my woot purchases have become more frequent as of late.

Since I’m checking often you probably won’t have to let me know when they finally do have international shipping, but I would still appreciate the reminder in case I get caught up with school work or something! :slight_smile:

I got that one…love it!

Yea for tgentry getting printed!

Well as Night Shift didn’t print, I hope it gets an HM. I would have liked that one.

and sometimes a surprise third!