Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #61: Movie Titles Re-Interpreted

Jake meant that he thinks there might be a tie. In the event of a tie, Woot sells both shirts for $10 - a 2 fer (2-for-1) deal.

I agree about radiomode’s multiple placements. If it makes it to print, I wonder which placement woot will use and how many people will be complaining that they wanted the other one.

Maybe I missed it because I haven’t been paying much attention to the derby, but I’m surprised there hasn’t been a bigger outcry over the issue.

Woot doesn’t “do” outcries. People prefer to cry out against people daring to outcry.

There was definitely outcry of some nature, and I’m personally pretty disgusted that woot didn’t even step in and comment, let alone reject. I love radio’s work, I love his print over at DBH today, I wish him the best, but the shirt, based on EVERY precedent, and EVERY rule, should have been rejected.

Is there an exemption to that rule? That “the shirt is too good to reject”…:slight_smile:

(btw, here’s hoping for a 2-fer…)