Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #63: Art as Text

Is there so little interest in these shirts that no one has anything to say?

Congrats to all the foggers, I will not be purchasing any but there is some great artwork/cool ideas.

Everyone might be waiting for cwarrington to post the vote estimations…

That’s what I was waiting for…refreshing the page every 10 minutes. I’m hopeless.

I really like the Trick or Treat and Octospelled shirts.

Can You Spell BRAAAINS! is pretty cool and while I love zombies, I wish the placement of the zombies spelling out “zombies” was centered and that the large zombie and chainsaw wasn’t there.

The Sound Waves shirt is also very cool and is deserving of being in the fog, but isn’t something I’d personally wear.

Oh…he posted in the main thread that he would be on the road and couldn’t post the estimates until later. Sorry to have ruined the wait. :frowning:

Oh, ok. I don’t check the main thread much myself after Fridays.

Personally I’m rooting for Trick or Treat since a friend of mine wants to buy it. :slight_smile:

It’s a shame the Coffee shirt didn’t make it, I would’ve bought that one. Hope Soundwaves makes it, I’ll buy that one as well…

How accurate are the stats from

Because if they are in any sense reliable, this will be the closest derby I have ever seen. And the only reason I really care is because I want the Octopus shirt. :slight_smile:

I said the same exact thing about zombies! I would love that shirt if the placement was up higher and it didn’t have the large zombie in the background.

I voted and hope to buy the octopus!! It is just so random to have a large octopus on my chest! Plus the subtle spelled octopus of course is a nice touch!

my guess, is the trick or treat won’t be printed because of it’s battle with Coffee stains in and out of the fog recently. of course, I have been wrong many many times before.

It’s interesting… because on they’ve estimated a three-way tie for second place (734 votes) with that coffee one getting one less vote. I know their stats are just estimations, but what if there WAS a tie? Do you think they would they print all four…?

Oh my, this derby is AMAZING. WOW, every single one of these is incredible. Except Sound. :wink: Compared to the rest its too simple! Not that its a bad thing, but I’d rather have the rest of them.


DID SOMEONE SAY 3 WAY TIE??? CAN ANYONE ELSE SAY 3 FER ONE!!! HAHA :slight_smile: I’d actually settle for a 2 fer one, as well! :wink:

EDIT: Also, if Trick or Treat doesn’t print I’ll be done with the derby for a while because the people voting are obviously in dire need of some serious mental help. Sorry to be so straight forward with that, but that is how I feel because I’m incredibly upset. All I wanted was a Halloween shirt, and here is a freakin’ amazing one and people vote SOUND WAVES over it? Give me a break. Seriously, there is no way a normal person could vote that way. Ok, I’m being incredibly mean but I have to leave for work right now and now I’m going to be angry all night because of this :wink:

I saw that too, and I’m not sure. I remember Shirtderbystats had Apocalypse Now beating out the Crouching Tiger shirt by one vote, but the real margin was somewhere around 20, I think. So I thought “Well the margin may be wrong and it may not be that close, but the estimates will probably have the placements right.” Now I have no idea what to think, honestly. If three tied, maybe they could do a $2 for $10 but let you pick which two you wanted from the three that tied?

Do you think I could pick 2 octopus shirts? I am not interested in the others but that is just me. :slight_smile:

Wow, Jakey. By that logic I guess I could say:

SOUNDWAVES=MY FAVORITE=AUDIO ENGINEER=MY JOB=THE BEST. All I wanted was a shirt I could wear to work, and here is a freakin’ amazing one and people vote TRICK OR TREAT over it? Give me a break.

You see where I’m going with this?


i wish the coffee one would have made it too…
the only one i really can see myself wearing is the sound waves…
guess we’ll see

don’t worry dude, sound waves is almost a sure first place win.

My boyfriend really wants the Zombie shirt, so I’m hoping for that one too! Good luck!

Yeah too bad the coffee shirt didn’t make it!