Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #66: Versus

Derby #66 End Estimates by

NOTE: It is a really close call this week between first and second, and third and fourth. So take my estimates with a grain of salt. I could, and have been in the past, Totally off!

Good luck all!

1st Place:
Fog’d: 1 days, 11 hours
Left Brain vs Right Brain (1053 estimated votes)
by: steveo1019

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 23 hours
Row Vs. Wade (1048 estimated votes)

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 28 minutes
South vs East (899 estimated votes)
by: fablefire

4th Place:
Fog’d: 1 hours, 6 minutes
The Walrus vs the Eggmen (894 estimated votes)
by: toe2254

i’d like to thank everyone for their votes and comments this week, and for making this a roller coaster from hell! also for making this my most successful design to date. even if it doesn’t print it’s been worth the ride. i can’t think of many people i would not mind losing to more than Fablefire. congrats to the other winners and good luck!

awesome! row vs wade knocked out of first place by the Left vs. Right!

poetically & politically ironic…

congrats to south vs east & left vs right, i’m buying them both.

wow…so close on several different spots.

here’s hoping for some ties!

Ties would be cool, since Fablefire’s design is pretty much the only one that I’d buy (I like the walrus vs. eggmen but I’m not too keen on cream shirts…). I’ll check on them when I can, but not going out of my way to check when they post.

Eggmen isn’t going to print? I’m am getting a little sick of disagreeing with the whole crowd since the shirts I always want COME IN 4TH PLACE REPEATEDLY WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK. I’ve yet had a derby shirt I voted on actually make it, besides the pirate costume and that BARELY made it. Row vs. Wade? Where did that come from, shirt came out of NO WHERE, sick of 4-5 days of the shirt I want being fog’d then being knocked out a day before the derby closes by some shirt that shot up the charts in one night. Gotta wonder whos helping that shirt out, really…

Row Vs. Wade? Why? Do people have some sort of connection with this, or do you just want to impress your teacher, I don’t understand, it isn’t even remotely funny. Then again neither has been these derbies.

So I’ll leave you with this, if you want your shirt to EVER PLACE in a derby, check with me first and make sure I don’t like it. Because if I DO like it, it will NEVER win.

The only two I like are Fable’s and Toe’s so of course they are 3rd and 4th and my other favorite Edgar’s never had a chance though it was fantastic. Please let there be a tie for last place. Toe’s and Fable’s are both wonderful - Fable’s for its duality/beauty and Toe’s for its sheer awesome sense of humor and Lennon tribute… besides an incredible illo. So unique.
Many people say it’s just a t-shirt contest, but, this does happen week after week.
Ya, ya, whine whine, blah blah… I know…
I guess a lot of the people who minded have just left.
Kudos to Toe and Fable… Brilliant this week.


ditto X 2. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Or maybe I just did.

{* sigh *} at least one of the two I like (Walrus or South/East) will get printed…

I’m sad the paper vs. plastic shirt didn’t make it :frowning: but i like the walrus vs. the eggmen shirt so i hope it makes it into the top three!

Row Vs. Wade did not unexpectantly fog it was fogged since Friday so its not like it flow up the charts at the last minuit. Now Left Brain vs Right Brain was entered on Saturday and and first fogged on tuesday so of all that is the one that was unexpected.

It is my prediction that South vs East is the one in fourth place and that the other three will print.

I’m sad that Paper Vs. Plastic didn’t make it! That’s the one I was pulling for…

That pirate shirt so didn’t ‘barely’ make it. Definitely knocked me clear out of the water, ho-oh.

Congrats to the winners this week.

here’s desperately hoping the numbers are right and South vs. East prints. I want that so bad I can’t think straight. although I do mourn the loss of Paper vs. Plastic. it’s been a while since a woot shirt made me laugh so hard.

It was third. That is barely making it IMO, sorry. I am thinking more on the lines of position. It was closest to 4th, which does not print, so thats how I get the “it barely made it” from.

See I don’t understand that because I saw 4 fogged shirts on the hottness on the right I believe right over the weekend, Sunday I think, maybe even Monday and did not see Row vs. Wade. The first time I actually saw it was Tuesday morning. I saw the Right Vs. Left I think the second time I looked and I remember thinking not too long ago “Right vs. Left is clearly getting first since it was fogged the longest.” Either my intuition is fogging my memory or I’m just not seeing things the way they actually are, because I knew Right Vs. Left was getting first many days ago. I also sort the entries by vote. I know the top 4 are in no particular order, but I swear I never saw Row Vs. Wade there until literally Tuesday. I’m f’in losing it, or somehow I was in the twilight zone, because when I finally saw Row Vs. Wade I got so mad because it had just come out of no where. I’m so confused now. :frowning:

EDIT: OK THERE HAS TO BE AN ERROR. It is saying South vs East was fogged for 28 minutes. Back me up here guys, because I KNOW I saw South Vs. East fogged on the first day, and it was fogged ever since. I know what I saw now, good, I’m not losing it! Row Vs. Wade couldn’t have been in the fog for that long, I looked so many times, sorted by votes, and never saw it there until the end, I swear.

you’re right. S vs E got into the fog very early, on the first day, and stayed there til almost the last day. it got knocked down out of the fog the day before voting ended, and from there it was a three 4- way fight between S vs. E, paper vs. plastic, walrus vs. eggmen and ghost vs. vac, with each of these three alternating into 3rd and 4th and 5th position, until the last day of the derby voting.

Sorry the shirts you liked have a chance of not printing. I don’t think I voted for a shirt within the top 8 or so.

Also, Row vs. Wade was fogged from day one. I never saw it drop out of the fog and often saw it in the hotness. If any designs came out of no where it would eggman and the brain one.

I hope the eggman one prints. I loved the shirt (hate the color) so I didn’t vote for it but I still thought it was great.

ya, it’ll be interesting to see on Sunday morning who gets printed. SDS has them within 5 votes of each other.

Although SDS had only a 5 vote margin between #1 and #2, and there ended up being an 87 vote difference…

I know Right Angle Neutrality and Wall Pixels tied, but was that the only tie ??

There was Beefcoat’s Oh Crud and James Cho’s Spring Rebirth (not sure of title?).