Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #73: Optimism

Derby #73 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 11 hours
Grim Optimism (1207 estimated votes)
by: ramyb

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 14 hours, 31 minutes
A Wonderful Day (1032 estimated votes)
by: eHalcyon

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 11 hours
Easy Optimism (995 estimated votes)
by: sekiyoku

4th Place:
Fog’d: 11 hours, 47 minutes
The Counter-Productive Optimist (984 estimated votes)
by: tgentry

I disagree with the estimates. I noticed SDS seemed to be disconnected from Woot for a good while early in the race (vote counts weren’t up to date, the SDS non-fog hotness was blank). I think that both Grim and Easy optimism have much higher totals, putting them well ahead in first and second respectively.

Also - thanks everyone for that incredible push at the end. That was really unexpected and a wonderful way for me to end my final exam week. :happy:

I wanted the kitty & puppy shirt most but if I can get the squirrel one, that’s pretty darn cool too.

Congrats eHalcyon! I was really pulling for your design!

Yeah, barring lost votes, Grim Optimism should be around 1800+.

Shirt derby stats was definitely malfunctioning this derby. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya there was a hiccup there at the beginning, but ‘most’ of it was during the off hours, so I don’t believe I missed many votes, and with the bouncing in-out of the fog, I think my estimates are probably low, but the placement should be pretty spot on.

Are you the person who runs Shirtderby stats? What exactly is your algorithm for calculating votes in the fog? Where do you get your data from?

long as i get the stick figure one and the squirrel, ill be happy… 2 christmas presents XD

Congrats to the foggers :slight_smile: & what a welcome back for you Eric :slight_smile: Nice job!

Counter Productive Optimist was fog’d for only ~12 hours? Seems little low to me since whenever I checked I saw the squirrel, bag, Counter productive and either the dog/cat or the little monster…

that might represent the amount it was last fog’d. either way, the estimated top three are all shirts i would wear and will probably get.

Wonderful Day, Optimistic Suitor and Counter Productive Optimist were all moving in and out of the fog yesterday. After midnight, the shifting stabilized with Optimistic Suitor clear outside the fog.

But if I remember correctly, the hiccup happened before Easy and Grim Optimism made it into the fog and wasn’t correct until after, so many of the votes they received weren’t counted. Since Easy Optimism never fell out, my guess is that sekiyoku is well ahead of tgentry and I.

There’s something I like about each entry that made it into the fog this time around.

Grim Optimism is terrific since I love grim reapers and I have a soft spot for cute squirrels, Easy Optimism is fun and works so well with its simplicity, A Wonderful Day is most likely the one I’ll buy since I’ve been wanting another olive shirt and I love eHalcyon’s monster and then tgentry’s use of color and creativity is terrific. If I had enough money, I’d most likely buy all these, especially since I’m such an optimistic kind of person.

Anyway, congratulations to all the artists. :slight_smile:

Regardless of any “hiccups”, I am still hoping against hope to see some gentry-in-third action. I know better than to trust SDS, and I can’t honestly say I don’t expect to see stick figures in 2nd, but there’s always that hope that the magic of the fog left everyone juuuust a bit closer than we think.

There is no question in my mind that the fog should be bigger, much bigger.

Stick figures and cartoon monster won over the Counter-Productive Optimist? That’s okay, I wasn’t very optimistic about this derby.

Wonderful Day - 1015
Counterproductive Optimist - 1009

Closer than I thought it would be. :open_mouth:

Creepy right on.

Where did you get those numbers? e_e