Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #75: Cabin Fever

Derby #75 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 23 hours
Stuck Inside (969 estimated votes)
by: tgentry

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 6 days, 0 hours
Over-crowded Elevator (875 estimated votes)
by: ramyb

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 3 days, 5 hours
The Snowflakes are Whiter on the Other Side (625 estimated votes)
by: crunchybitesized

4th Place:
Fog’d: 7 hours, 21 minutes
The great outdoor (615 estimated votes)
by: radiomode

Ah… I thought Radiomode had the best art of the derby. Sad to see it not make it. Nothing for me this week.

Drakxxx got the shaft again.

I will most definitely be getting tgentry’s Stuck Inside. It’s just way too awesome to pass up.

I’m hoping that there’s still a possibility of Radiomode’s The Great Outdoor getting printed too, as I liked that one quite a bit as well.

Congratulations to the artists.

These derbies are completely predictable. Oh well, at least I save money.

So you would have HONESTLY called Stuck Inside getting first over bunnies and the snowman? Right.

I mean, I can make the same statement just based on what’s been fogged and how long and how early the designs were submitted.

That said, I’m fairly happy with the contenders. I would prefer the top three to exclude the bunnies and the snowman and bump Illustrator’s Block up, but alas. That’s nothing against the designers. It’s just what I want to spend my money on right now.

I guess the only sad thing is that knowing which shirt is getting 4th already.

None for me this time, thanks. Was really hoping for that red and gray and black one. What’s it called? Oh, never mind. Hope it gets an honorable mention anyway.

Absolutely. Knew it from the first day (not that there’s anything wrong with it. Very good design).

Honest, Stuck Inside and Bunnies were a given friggin’ immediately. As soon as the snowman hit the hotness, it was cemented in third eventually. There is seriously no drama in woot derbies, except the weekly “seriously? these people are that moronic that THIS is placing?” If you can’t predict at least the top 2 by Saturday, it is because you’re doing it wrong.

I was frankly more skeptical of Stuck Inside placing over the bunnies (which, it still hasn’t done, mind you). I didn’t think the voters had it in them.

I know you can usually predict what’s going to print by Saturday. Hell, it seems to correlate pretty well with what the fog has been in relation to when the designs were posted.