Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #76: Beginning

Ummm… new theme??? Anybody??? Somebody fell asleep at the keyboard!

My guess is

  1. The epic begins
  2. Birth of the Moon
    1. The birth of an icon.
  3. Life Renewed

Thats how has it going, and I agree.

Derby #76 End Estimates by

1st Place:
Fog’d: 6 days, 0 hours
The epic begins (2010 estimated votes)
by: DeadFrog

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 6 days, 0 hours
Birth of the Moon (1325 estimated votes)
by: sekiyoku

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 1 days, 13 hours
1928. The birth of an icon. (802 estimated votes)
by: skirochester

4th Place:
Fog’d: 29 minutes
Life Renewed (767 estimated votes)
by: theinfinityloop

Um… yes. Where is it? I’m tired of refreshing my browser.

Same here… i would like to start on my lunch break, but I am not sure that will happen now.

Well I won’t be buying any of these shirts, but they are all quite well done. Congrats to the winners!

Disappointing… kdeuce entry didn’t win… woe is me

All very nice entries, as were a number of others. The turtles and mouse are classics, the rebirth is excellent, but I am in for the birth of the moon. I think the design just jumps out at me, probably end up buying all that woot offers this time around. I got to get a better paying job, but one that also allows me to wear t-shirts. Congrats to all the designers and keep up the good work.

I was hoping beyond hope that batman made it…too bad. No shirts for me this derby.

Do any of you guys know when derby shirts shipping the next-day orders? Are they all on Monday?

i would like to say that in the hopes of getting the blank canvas shirt into the top four, i took away my vote for 1928, and it lost by one vote to third place…

Where are you seeing the vote totals?

Well, that kind of suks as ski’s piece was quite great and it could have tied. Woot should perhaps pay more attention to multiple voting accounts if these contests can come down to one vote.

double post

I’m very curious as to how you knew this so far in advance.

Just because I’m new to the site, will all 4 end up as shirts or just the top 3?

Just the top three…

UGH, I really like the Mickey Mouse one. Makes me not wanna even look at the voting stuff.