Introducing Your Contenders for Double-Take 11

I’m personally somewhat disappointed. Here’s hoping in vain for a week of quality EC’s …

sings Drakxxx and crescentdebris give me a reason to spend twenty!

I never have my hopes up for the voting portion of double-takes.


  1. x=pb+j
  2. Equinox (ok, so this one DID get me hoping)
  3. Zu Chongzhi’s estimate


  1. Equinox
  2. Rake Break
  3. Playground

In theory, I could be out $30 if Playground, Clockwork Crow, and The Last One all print this weekend. But I doubt that’ll happen. I’m just crossing my fingers for Playground in the top 3 and a stellar EC week. :slight_smile:

I so want to buy Rake Break. Hoping!!!

Also looking forward to EC’s. If we don’t get a Draxxx print, either via place or EC, I’m pretty much going to P&D.

Playground, Clockwork Crow and the estimate would get you 30 bucks from me this week, woot. The Last One may be substituted into that mix.

Of course, if you also print Constellation Child and Invasion you’ll really be raking in the darquis dollars.

If anyone could make a compelling case for why either test tubes or pbj deserved a HM to begin with, that’d be great. Compelling, this is. Like, based on some form of originality, attractiveness, general worth of the piece or “designer,” etc etc. Backed up by evidence, if you will.

Because while I’m mostly underwhelmed by this set of 9, those are the two inevitable prints which truly don’t deserve it. If you’re going to let the masses decide even despite your choosing the designs, make sure you haven’t got anything the masses can fail on.

Personally I like the PB&J shirt. I guess it’s the adoration of old illustrations in science books {as well as drafted plans} and my kids love of PB&J but I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

The design is elongated, in which case it will be slimming and something I could wear with a button up military style shirt. It’s something that isn’t “cutesy” or “that shirt my aunt got me” looking, but rather quirky.

Don’t get me wrong, I like some “cutesy” stuff, but generally end up buying it for my kids. Crap I Make cutesy stuff. laughs

Woo, we got pi!

Now I’m hoping the other two are playground and anticipation!
Come on woot, you know you want to take the contents of my wallet.