Introducting Your Contenders for Derby #27: Dreams



Cupcakes made it!!! I hope they take 3rd!!


Congratulations to the finalists!


Congrats, but it looks like my bank account is safe again. I would have raided it for the $10 for the penguin shirt. l o l


Hoping for an Octopus!


To everyone that is bugged about the 7 legs, I sent woot a slightly revised version with an 8th leg in case it places. It’s very subtle and otherwise looks exactly the same. Obviously it’s up to the Wootlords on whether they would prefer to run the original one or revised one, and I would be happy with either.


Are the votes on shirtderbystats correct? If so, then everyone can tell what shirts win every week.

I really really wish Woot would allow a “vote off” for third place when the votes are very close, say… within 5 votes. I’ve seen so many times where the third place shirt gets printed and doesn’t sell out, when maybe the 4th place shirt would actually have been the better money maker.




totally wanted penguin


I would have bought the penguin, but I can virtually guarantee that I won’t be buying any of these over the weekend.


I am not sure if I am springing for any this week…I did vote for 3 of the above though.


won’t be getting any of these, would have def. bought a pickle on vacation or a pink elephant shirt!!


I am hoping for an Octopus for me and cupcakes for my fiance. I really don’t like the other two although congrats to both of them as well!!!


i’m Definitely in for one of the sheep shirts!
gotta love da Sheeps!



  1. Ocean
  2. Dreams
  3. Cupcakes
  4. Sheep


I am thinking it will go something like this

  1. Dreams
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Ocean
  4. Sheep


Booo the kid in the cardboard box should have won. I did put a vote in for the sheep though.


i don’t think these were so great, i would have gone with others but whatever, not buying so whats it matter.


I wanted the Sleepless shirt to win. Buying Sleeping problems would fill up the void. If it doesn’t get in the top three, I will be very sad…=’(


haha, your sig is comically huge!