Introducting Your Contenders for Derby #28: Quitter!


Go Dekon and Fable…by far the best 2 of all





  1. Prospector
  2. Plan B
  3. Earth
  4. Lousy Poker Hand

Unlikely. I’d say Prospector or Earth are going to be the near-miss. Poker was BLAZING for much of the late-derby action.


Ugh. I wanted “In Russia Job Quits You” shirt… although I would have gone for Plan B too… too bad I went to bed early and it sold out within an hour :-/


You can buy shirts after the first day for $15… look for the ‘sad rat’ he’ll guide the way.


I’m already wrong - lots of love out there for Plan B - still like prospector to be next - if the lousy poker hand is next, then Earth is out…


I want to put in a request for Woot to make some playing cards based on Beefcoat’s work :slight_smile:


Earth is in, which hurts the chances for prospector.