Introducting Your Contenders for Derby #29: Trompe L'Oeil



An early congrats to SkekTek on his first win. And I mean win, not placement.


Thank god for a good shirts monday and tuesday. Sorry but not a fan of this derby. Great fishy shirt though. just not my style.


Always glad to save some money.




Congratulations to all the fogged entries. ShekTek’s will likely be first, but Shan’s was gaining quite a bit of steam throughout the last days.

Looking forward to buying Soothed’ Shirt. I may buy the fish one too.


Thank you :slight_smile: But I have to send back love to my fellow designers- there were many shirts up near the top that I would have bought. The fish is definitely a design that doesn’t match with everyone, but I’m glad it resonated with folks- it was my favorite of all my designs.


I thought you did a great job with the theme and the design. Wishing you the best of luck and I know it will do well! :smiley:



  1. Fish
  2. Anatomy
  3. Hoodie
  4. Glow

This one is difficult to gauge, but the fish is clearly on topic and deserves to win.


The hoodie was out of the fog less than an hour before voting ended.


Again, thanks! But I think shan also deserves accolades since her design chewed up the charts the last few days. Clearly was a voter favorite. Plus, you just can’t say enough about the soul glow. That dang thing is beautiful. I hope if it gets made, woot does the shirt right…


yeah… i don’t know if this derby was the right one for me.
may the “leap Year” shirts will be a little more “me”


Skek you are always so modest and nice! But you were doing some chewing of your own there :slight_smile: Everyone loves little fishy! And soul glow is just so calming to look at, it’s such a different design that appeals to a large demographic. I just think it’s cool that 3 people from the photoshop contest are in the fog.


How could anatomy win???

Fish is the best, and I hope that Glow defeats Hoodie…


Thanks voters!!! and congrats to my fellow foggers Shan, Skek and Bryan! It is truly an honor to be counted amongst you :slight_smile:

Thanks! I thought you really nailed the shocked look on the fish’s face Skek. It very clearly appears to be thinking, “What the…<blub, blub>?” And the leaking water mark was a nice touch that really added to the realism.

Thanks to you too Shan! Your post it design is simple yet brilliant and clearly struck a chord with the voters. A well deserved win!
'Chop contest alumni rule! :wink:

I already told Bryan I’m not a big fan of the hoodie but I think kudos are certainly in order since several hundred voters obviously were. And who knows, He may very well have managed to squeak by me in the end for the third spot!

Que sera, sera…


I don’t know about you, soothed, but I’m gonna be sweating out the results of the next two days! Obviously shirtderbystats is WAY off… :wink:

I want to hide in dark corner somewhere until Tuesday, then come out and look :frowning:


I’m pretty sure you’ve definitely got 2nd place locked up my friend :slight_smile:
As for mine…I’m not only nervous about IF it will print but HOW it would print…so yeah, I’m kinda freaking out a wee bit.


Indeed, the count had to have been REALLY close for Glow to be 4th.
That said, I’m still crossing my fingers just in case. :slight_smile:



This is the artist for Pocket FishMan. I am posting this to explain to those of you who might be on the fence why you should consider buying this shirt, and possibly help keep the design alive. Those who loved it in the derby have already purchased it, and those who hate it will not regardless of what I say. So this is for you, the person who doesn’t know.

I don’t do designs anywhere else but on Woot. I’m not a professional designer, nor am I an art student. I would have no shot on Threadless or Designed by Humans because I do this for fun. I’m a teacher who has a hobby that occasionally (okay, for the first time) results in a t-shirt being selected from a derby. There are many good designs vying for your cash, both here and at other sites. But many of them, while technically and artistically great, may not be that unique. How many shirts have you seen with tigers/lions/dragons, tree limbs, and spirit of the forest/water/mountain on them? Many. If you want to wear something that stands out, these designs may not do that. Now, think about how many you have seen with fake pockets and goldfish in bags on them? None. This one looks life-like, both in the design stage and on the shirts themselves. I was so proud of it, I bought three of them myself with my own money on the first day.

We have all seen goldfish in bags in state fair and carnival booths. Chances are, you or someone you know has won one. Maybe it was a log time ago. Maybe the fish winner had to carry that poor thing around until it was time to go. If that person had a pocket, he/she might have even put the fish in there for a while. Now imagine being with kids, in a club, or just out wandering. This shirt will get you noticed. People will ask you about it. Someone might ask you where you got it. And you can say Woot: the place that gives teachers, hobby artists, and just plain folks a shot.

So click on the fish below, and take a look at the design. See if it is worth your $15. If not, at least you gave it a thought. And that’s all I ask.