Introduction to the Woot! Community



It’s here! It’s here! Welcome to the NEW Woot Community! We are super excited for our new electronic talky rooms (technical term) but we want the transition to be as easy as possible for all of you so this post will be your go-to point when you want to figure out how to do something. As people ask questions, new topics will be added so check back periodically

Note: All directions here will use “click”. If you are on a phone, tablet, or other touch device, you will “tap”.

Introduction to the Woot! Community Home Page

The community is divided into 5 sections:


Deal Chatter – Here is where all the deal discussions will live. You can grin, gripe, and guess about all our great deals! In the old forums, you saw the deals on the Woots tab on each category page. Now the deals will live together. You can easily filter the deal discussions you want to view. For example, you could choose to look at only the discussions on Computers or Shirts.

Shenanigans – This new category will be the home of our fun and mischief, the bread and butter of the Woot Experience (which is also the name of our Jimmi Hendrix cover band). You’ll find familiar threads here such as Polls and The Debunker. In addition, our current shenanigans will live here such as WTF Pricing and Deal-o-Meter. And you can look forward to new shenanigans in the future. Plus, this felt like the perfect place for the Shirt Derby because we want even more people viewing and voting!

Artists Central – This area is for our Shirt artists and wanna-be artists. Look here for derby talk, questions and answers on shirt design, and more.

Everything But Woot – This is section should sound familiar to y’all veterans. This will be the home of community created games and chats. This is a great place to relax and get to know other Wooters.

Mort & Monte’s Info Desk – Here you’ll find Woot! announcements and information. We set the monkeys loose to make a set of “How to” blogs here on how to use the forums and post. This is the place where you can ask questions about Woot!

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How to Post in the NEW Woot Community!

Go ThunderThighs Go!!


Seems legit


Where is ThunderThighs1 and what did you do with her?


So, all our old history of posting in the old system is gone? When I look at my account now it shows only one post from today (two after I post this I suppose). More than a decade of history gone #feelsbadman


The old forum messages are going to be moved over eventually. But I can tell you this piece of great news!



Nope, nope. It’s going to take some days to get that 14+ years of posts xo verged and then moved over. Believe me, that history is important to us too.


I just want to know where the “Comment” button is…


Here’s the key:

image = Comment on the thread

image = Reply to a specific post


How do I quote previous posts?


You can select the text before you reply to quote just part of a post.

Or you can click on the image button in the post tool bar to quote an entire post.


I have to agree. Once, before the company became part of another, I checked in almost daily. My name was slkygrl.
I had an accident (slip on ice;endless story;disabled) and rarely go anywhere except audible. But I thought I would drop buy, see what kinda carp was up…whoa…totally different. Anybody remember me? Snarky and not overfond of puns? Lie if you must!


Hi there! Welcome back!

Funny thing about time passages, companies grow and change. It happens.


sikygrl? Is that you? Boy it’s been a long time. You remember my ex-wife right? Well, she still misses me, but her aim is starting to improve!

You know, around the house here, A police officer just knocked on my door and told me my dogs are chasing people on bikes.

That’s ridiculous. My dogs don’t even own bikes!