When I got this design in the coffee mug, it went straight to work with me and has served up my beloved Joe ever since. Perfect!

So, what’s the difference between Mens Medium size t-shirt and just Medium? Very strange sizing options there. It shows Mens, Womens and Kids sizes and then just has a bunch of extra sizes at the bottom with no specification. Apparently these additional sizes are for sexless, ageless aliens who are born fully-formed?

Because there’s a hoodie available, you’ll need to select the t-shirt or hoodie first, then you’ll see the sizes for the shirt blank you want.

Medium, without the “Men’s, women’s or kids” is the hoodie sizing.

There’s a different sizing between Silver and Sport Grey t-shirts, too. That’s what confused me. Sport Grey just has Medium available. Silver has Men’s Medium available.

Edit: oh, I see. I thought there was a Sport Grey t-shirt option. By the time I got down to choose t-shirt, I see only the hoodie is avaiable in sport grey. Maybe the Hoodie or Tshirt dropdown should be top of the list.

XL t-shirt sold out?!? How do you sell out of something that you can just print in your own shop? Disappointing.

Huh? I was able to select both men’s and women’s XL, both in standard Anvil and American Apparel, and as a separate selection, unisex XL for the hoodie option.