Will electricity be the end of us?

Heather gray AND Mike from ABT? What an awesome day! :slight_smile:

NOOOOOO! Not heather gray anything but heather gray! Other than that great shirt.

That big monster in the back is holding a lightning bolt kinda looks like a rubber chicken.

I find the choice of shirt color to be questionable.

The red monster with the bolt reminds me of riffmaster’s Hairy Potter. This isn’t riffmaster, is it?

The monsters on the shirt make this look like some sort of Muppet horror movie


the guy in the corner is like the zeus of monsters, getting ready to strike with his thunderbolt

Eh, I agree the color is a bit off for the shirt, but hey, my first gray Woot tee. In for one.

great design, wish it wasn’t heather gray.

I don’t think I realized you were behind ABT, Sixer… great site, if impossibly german.

Grats on the print.

… of the body snatchers?

Oh wait no, Invasion of horrible horrible t-shirt design.

Interesting design. Too bad it doesn’t really go well with the color of the shirt.

why is everyone complaining about heather gray? if you’re going to complain at least mention what color you would like to see the design on. lemme guess, BLACK, right?

awesome design, I really need to stop buying so many shirts though.

Guess it’s not riff then. :tongue:

Nifty! Woot’s getting more bold with half-tone designs. You can’t go wrong with an alien invasion design. Plus it’s got a nice non-square shape to it.

Congrats on the print, Mike!


prods woot

Heather gray is actually a very nice shirt color. It doesn’t really cause issues for people with pale skin, it’s not seethrough and it isn’t so bright that it’s painful on the eyes. Also the heather gray shirts I have all seem softer than the other American Apparel colors. And it’s nicely textured, to boot. :wink:

This particular shirt seems like an asphalt shirt to me though. The bright colors would pop so much more.

hah Berlin! i went there, but didn’t do much 'cause it rained quite a bit.