my mind just esploded all over my computer. must buy shirt. then wear shirt.

References aside, that actually looks pretty cool.

Some crazy texturing going on in this design. It’s pretty sweet that such intricacy is possible with screenprinting these days.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why asphalt colored tees were invented.

That’s the craziest boom box/satellite I’ve ever seen.

I like that it seems to have a face… or maybe I’m just seeing things.

It doesn’t matter. If we can get Philip J. Fry, these spacey invaders don’t stand a chance. Unless, of course, this one’s the last…

I can feel the grittiness in my teeth!


Lose the negative filter and we’ve got ourselves a classic.

this is a clear sign of inflation. A bit is 12 &1/2 cents & this is a character from an 8 bit game so shouldn’t this only cost a buck?

just took a look at your profile page on deviantart. very, very nice. great designs.

Looks like the TRON movie spaceships (the ones with the legs), but with accessories

i’m having flashbacks to the best of 2011 shirt-off. Hasn’t the Space Invaders thing been done…and done…and done? Great shirt! Wonderfully done…but…er…eh…something new. Maybe cute pandas!

This makes two shirts in a row i’ve acquired with Space Invaders on it.

Why would you think that?

Can these be used as binoculars?

I would like to see a shirt made for each Space Invader ship/alien. Very cool indeed.

This design sort of has a steampunk style to it.

Okay I recovered, and now I’m wondering where his buddies are? Or, is it up to us wearing the shirts to gather together to form the invading armada? But that would mean that we are the invaders…so, we were the ones invading earth the whole time! Oh no, my mind esplode again!

OOO this shirt looks cool and just became my first Woot purchase. Kept waiting for one that I liked. I would never want to wear the Meh shirt in public and I could not stand the tiger.
But this shirt I could proudly wear.

Next one more than like will be “They call me …Tim”