Sorry, but that has to be the dumbest t-shirt design I have seen in some time. Somebody please explain why that is desirable in any way.

Agreed. Enough with the non stop Star Wars & Guardians BS. What happened to all the real artists on Woot?

Would somebody please explain why this comment is desirable in any way…

The real artists are alive, well, and designing for the Derbies. Although many quality designs go to print, many others don’t get enough votes.

Are you voting in the Derbies?

(Both of you are entitled to your opinions— but I can’t help wondering if somebody slipped some vinegar in your coffee this morning.)

An amusing mashup, Mikie! :slight_smile:

Maybe Woot should be listening to feedback, I have seen some fairly stupid designs before but this takes the cake. The formula for many shirts for quite some time has been to just arbitrarily combine 2 popular things thus multiplying the popularity of both. This combination is not only not amusing, but makes no sense whatsoever.

You know how, sometimes, somebody will make a pretty funny pun, and then somebody else will jump in with another one on the same theme, and then everybody pipes in and it’s really fun, until eventually somebody reaches too far and comes up with a really lame one, and everybody kind of says “heh” and you know the discussion is over and then you wish it could have ended just after the two or three good ones rather than whimpering out in a pathetic way?

We appreciate your feedback! (No, really). Though there are some factors involved in choosing designs which are harder to control, it’s definitely helpful to get advice on what kinds of designs you like and why.

I’d be interested to see what kinds of designs you guys and/or gals would like to see more of here. Just post or PM me some links to existing shirts and I’ll direct your feedback to the appropriate parties!


(I had a sad when I didn’t see random Ocho catshirts under the BTS graphic on the main page.)

No harsh words for woot from me. I have purchased a few shirts from here and each one I couldn’t wait to show off to the world. Your Reading Rambo was probably my fave as far as the general publics thumbs up and smile factor. Keep up the good work artists and thanks woot for making my t-shirt collection somewhat original. Peace be with all.

Ooooh boy, you really got us there, din’t ya?

So, yeah I have voted in the derbies, although sometimes I think of them as the “Derpies” with some of the lame ass designs that show up. You could honestly surpass many of them with a random copypasta from a Google image search.

I haven’t been impressed enough to actually chuckle at or buy a design here in some time. Bummer really, there were some good ones back in the day, back before Woot became just another whorehouse.

Hell yes, terrific analogy.
Good job.

I like the artwork, but the text is reaching too much, and isn’t funny. Should have been in a shirtstorm

Hard to defend this one, but I think the comments are a bit too harsh. It is just a shirt, and if you do not like it, wait until next day and there will be a new one available for purchase. :slight_smile: