Invicta II Men’s Leather Watch

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Invicta II Men’s Leather Watch
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Invicta II Men’s Leather Watch

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Invicta makes some good looking watches…these aren’t the ones.

Hmmmmmm. Ever since my cell phone broke, I’ve needed something to tell me the time. This just might do it…

Man, what is it about this watch? It’s getting clearanced everywhere, is there something wrong with it?
Is there a bomb in it? Wait, that would make it awesome
hums the 007 theme

All I ever see on these deal websites nowadays are Invicta watches :[

can this keep metric time?

Nah…just butt ugly!

The best thing about Invicta watches is the box they come in. The boxes are a bright yellow and made of a chamois suede-like material (it may even be real suede). And there are ridges on top, giving a scallop effect. I’m a new watch collector and must say that of all the watch boxes I have, Invictas are the most awesome. As for their watches, they’re nothing special. The designs are too “boxy” (.or Rolex-like) for my taste. Virtually all their watches are variations on the same theme. The Russian Diver watches are somewhat ugly, in my opinion, with their exaggerated crowns. But they’re inexpensive. Just don’t expect these to become collector items or otherwise go up in value.

Sexy face, but a bit bleh on the band…then again…they are men’s watches.

A watch made out of leather? What will they think of next?

Does this use a battery? And if it does use one, how long does it last?

Yeah, and in fact, Chronoshark even set up a site just for Invicta watches.

If you just want a big clunky watch on your wrist as a style statement, this is a good one. Few actually pay the MSRP for these watches, and they’re widely available at deep discounts, but this woot price is about half the best price available elsewhere.

Timex makes some better looking ones. I kinda like the look of this one, but nothing says “meh” like Invicta. Just buy a quality watch and you’re good for 10+ years, or a great quality one and it’ll go generations.

They are junk watches, not the watch from the company of old.

I’ll post my previous comments.

However, at $65 this is becoming an OK watch for the price.

Bonus However: Even at this price it won’t be as dependable or long lasting as a Timex, Seiko, or Casio.

These look better than some of those watches and certainly look expensive, but what good is that if it sits broken in a drawer.

this watch is heavy enough to thwart a mugging!

That is one unique box…but 'tis a bit ostentatious for my taste (just like that word)

Now…if I could just remember that for my next scrabble game…

It’s a quartz watch, doesn’t say that it’s a kinetic. So it uses a battery. Battery life varies from model to model. Some watches have 10 year batteries. I’d expect about 3-4 years before you need to change the battery in this one though.

On a side note, the crown on this thing is absurdly huge, especially for one that’s not screw down. Definitely a pass for me. I’ve not been impressed by any of Invicta’s offerings lately. They seem rather uninspired. Seiko & Orient, they’re the ones that have my attention.