Invicta II Stainless Steel Mens Watch


is invicta 2 a good company for watches? ive never heard of them before

similar watches go for $59.99 or above on amazon

too bad i already got myself a citizen.

Will this help me with the ladies?

This is a good price on a fine watch. Invicta’s are well known. I love mine. I may buy this one too.

Totally… for better or worse, I cant say…

I have numerous Invicta watches and with every single one their value far exceeds their price. Quality products at an extremely fair price. You will not get a Seiko or Citizen for this price with solid stainless links or the “heft” Invicta provides.

Their customer service for issues is top notch as well. Can’t say enough about the company.


Seriously, who calls customer service about a watch? Did it BSOD on you?

guaranteed to make women want you. likely to make your eyes look bluer. won’t win you an olympic bid though.

I think i have seen one of those tv shopping channels hock these a time or two.

alright you suckered me into getting one, thanks :slight_smile:

Look at Kansas light up! Needless to say, I’m part of the trend…In for 1!

there’s a generic product manual available here


does luminous mean glow in the dark?

Take a good look at the photos. Apparently you won’t get an Invicta with solid links for this price either.

But there’s…gold in it.

Water Resistant: 100 Meters which means? you can go 100 meters deep sea diving and it’ll still work? or drop it in a pool and its dead?