INVICTA Men's Specialty Watch

**Item: **INVICTA Men’s Specialty Watch
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Japenese movement, Chinese everything else.

Love you Woot, but as a watch aficionado, pass.

Isn’t this what the new woot watches is for?

Here are some reviews on the Black

[Mod Edit] corrected link.

$495? What about this watch would lead me to believe it is worth even a tenth of that?

Exactly my thought. Oh well, easier to ween from woot this way.

Got something of value to put on today’s Woot? Something, anything, give us a quality Woot. We’re dying here.

Looks like this would be a decent work watch that I would not have to worry about scratching up.

Seems like a good deal to me. It’s $10 cheaper than Amazon and it seems like a lot of people like the look:

I would buy one, but I’m not a fan of roman numerals.

That’s a long known Invicta trick. They vastly inflate the MSRP on their watches, making you feel like you’re getting a great deal when you buy the watch at what is a much lower, everyday price.

Do you know NOTHING about watches? The crystal is FLAME-FUSED!

I’m confused by the “BLUE” one. The color is obvious on all of the models but I fail to see any BLUE on the one pictur titled “Blue”. I see a Gold rim?

ahhh… now I understand. All of the others have black bands and this one has a Blue band. There’s no blue around the dial though.

While not this specific model, I do own an Invicta watch, and they are quite durable. I’m a registered nurse and knock into all sorts of equipment, plus lord knows what I touch, and there isn’t a single scratch on it. The band I have is super easy to clean and sanitize. I really do recommend them, especially at this price!

That’s not the same model watch. Why do so many people post links to reviews that aren’t even the same product. Don’t be in such a rush to get the first post.

This should be the Yellow model. I would say the reviews are generally positive but there are a few “doesn’t keep time” reviews in there as well.

edit: oops, meant to quote your 2nd post. fixed it.

Will we ever be able to use Amazon gift cards on this site?

Gosh, you know what? Maybe it’s not. But since it’s selling for less than that, what does it matter? We all know watches have insane “suggested retail prices” - but since that’s not what you’re paying, who cares? And, no, no one that’s smart uses a watch’s MSRP vs. selling price to decide if it’s a good deal…they do a search, see what it’s actually SELLING for elsewhere, check reviews…and then decides.

Is there some significance to the color change at the 35 mark? Or is this just a visual design element (with no practical use)?

Your screen might not be right, there is definitely blue on the band and blue and gold around the dial.

I have a more expensive model of Invicta for the past couple of years and love it. A bit bulky for me, but it works great and looks fantastic. I plan on getting one of these for a cheap work watch.

Oh and they sell these at Sams Club (walmarts version of costco)

Almost 1/2" thick and 1 3/4" diameter? I know it’s the style, but I don’t want that big honking thing on my wrist. No wonder people are using their phones for clocks instead. I hope fashion swings back to thin, smaller faced watches before the ones I have that I can wear and hardly know they’re there die.