Invicta Men’s Automatic Pro Diver S2 Watch

if only i wasn’t afraid of water. nice try though

I have two watches already. Thanks though.

Looks like a nice watch… but no built in MP3 player, GPS, sat phone, or mini-bake oven?

Trinite == tritium?

$85 on Amazon so a decent Woot. I just bought a new watch though so I will pass on this one.

I want a watch. Too rich for my blood though.

I like a watch that lights up…and it looks like this one doesn’t. :frowning:

Just like my damn Fossil.

edit: Looks like $95 on froogle, so you’re saving some money. Not a bad woot, but not a great woot either.

Froogle’s prices start at $95

not for me, i would get a better watch if i did more scuba

If I only lived near water :frowning: Maybe next woot …

these are very nice watches… and great if you sail since they are very waterproof.

Nice watch, ifI needed one.

stayed up for another watch…ugh, already have two.

Night woot!

Its probably as expensive to get into 200 meters of water, as it is to buy this thing.

Alright looking i suppose. Froogles?

pfft… i have an aluminum banded digital thats better… i can even dive deeper with it.

gift perhaps for a diver?

Well its a nice watch, Anyone know what its worth exactly… My father is a collector so if this is really a nice deal I am on it//

nice woot, but im not a man or a pro diver…:slight_smile:

I lose watches too often. No deal.