Invicta Men’s Quartz Watches

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Invicta Men’s Quartz Watches
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Invicta Men’s Quartz Watch

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Anyone know what kind of quality we have here?
Also, anyone know how the glass stands up to abuse? I have a ton of watches with scratched faces.

None have a rotating bezel, I’m out!

Does it come with the $100 bill?

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what exactly is Tritnite Night Glow? How does it differ from timex Indiglo? is it a green glow? or an orange glow? how bright is the glow? do you need to hold it under light for it to glow? or will it glow automatically?

What’s with this thing? A clock? On your wrist? Who does that anymore?

Two of the picture titles very clearly state: “($100.00 Bill Not Included)”.

Heres A lil price comparison they are the CARBON HAWK MODEL


What is a “Flame Fusion Crystal”? Is this tougher than a mineral crystal?

They are all kind of ugly.
I have a watch made by a manufacturer who does not change the design for decades and decades.
That’s why my watch, twenty years old, is still sold today. For about two times what I paid for it. Yes. You have heard of it.

I see Invicta on cut-price sites so much now that it just makes me think it’s a carp brand. Stuff seems cheap-o.

Invicta. I loved that movie. Morgan Stanley is a great actor. Glad to see they made a watch to commemorate the film.

Are invicta watches good or does woot just think they’re good? I mean. What level of watch is the Invicta. Is it along the lines of a nice Fossil, or is it more like a Timex? Or what? I need to work on my watch knowledge.

here is a little bit of help for those of you who can’t tell time unless it’s digital.

Is the $100 bill included with my purchase?

I bought an Invicta last year from Woot. It was clunky big.

After a few weeks, the stem pulled out of the watch. Thought I’d send it back to Invicta for a replacement or repair under the warranty. Turns out you must enclose $25 to get them to honor their warranty. That should tell you something about how they stand behind their product.

Better off to keep looking…

Invicta makes decent watches but don’t expect them to become collectibles or increase in worth. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen an Invicta watch that is especially innovative, interesting or attractive. They tend to be bulky, especially the Russian diver models.

Seems like Invicta watches are always available for severely reduced prices, be it on Woot or various other deal sites.

Not sure if that’s a sign of quality or the fact that they horribly overprice a decent watch when they first make it available for sale.