Invicta Men’s Quartz Watches

Yep, those Casio calculator watches never get old. Thanks for the insight.

Google shopping shows tons and tons of Invicta…many nicer than these and they’re around $10 less. Sorry woot, Invicta is carp. has Invicta and they carry carp on their site all the time. Disappointed woot, disappointed…

Takes a licking, Keeps on Ticking, huh.

I recently bought an Invicta automatic for $50. Nice watch. No batteries. I’m done with quartz watches. Buying a new battery every year gets old. And expensive. Just add $15 a year to the price of your $80 watch.

I don’t think it actually has a powered light. Nor do I think it has tritium often found on military style watches which glows by itself. I think it’s Invicta’s brand of photoluminescent treatment that glows after exposure. There don’t appear to be vials that would contain the tritium.

I stand to be corrected, but if so the name “Tritnite” is misleading.

I’ve got a few Invicta watches. I like them a lot, have never had a problem with any of them (I’ve had none for less than 6 months and a few for a couple of years). However you can probably get these same watches cheaper on other reduced price sites. Usually they can be had for $50-$60. The watches are nice though, and they are resistant to scratches.

Just give up woot, you won’t be able to sell these.

Although I am considering due to a few models having that $100 rebate.

I’ve bought 1 Invicta watch, and I’ll not buy again. It didn’t keep time and they wouldn’t fix it. Sent it back twice and had to pay shipping and don’t think they did anything to it and sent it back to me. stay away.

I love Invicta and it has a good reputation. I know many people who only wear Invicta. I have 3 and they are all in perfect shape and running great. Plus they make them nice and big, which is good for tall or big guys.

Tritnite is simply Invicta’s own brand of phosphorescent (aka Glow-in-the-dark) paint. They claim that the glow lasts longer than normal phosphorescent paint. I don’t know if that;s true but I can verify that paints vary in glow time. Higher end Seikos need less exposure to light and lasts longer in the dark.

Indiglo is electronic backlighting that Timex uses. Basically the watch’s face is electroluminescent and glows bluish-green when there is electricity. This drains the battery a bit but doesn’t need prior exposure to light and is bright as long as the battery has enough energy. It won’t fade throughout the night.

The orange glow that you see in some Timex clock radios is not really Indiglo. It’s simply an LCD clock panel backlit by orange LEDs.

For the same price you can catch Invicta Automatic Divers on watch deal sites or amzn. Or Seiko 5 Autos. Both have exhibition casebacks where you can look inside and see magic time keeping stuff happening.

People still wear watches? How quaint.

I have three, and have been less and less impressed.

The first (chronograph) claims water-resistance to 200 meters. I took it diving to 80 feet, and it got water in it. Sent back for cleaning, and now the sweep hand ‘centers’ on the :58 mark.

The second is an automatic, but wearing it full time barely keeps it wound. I put it on a winder, but that barely keeps it wound, too.

The third is an inexpensive dive watch, but the rotating bezel is coarse and clunky, not smooth like it should be.

Honestly, I’m done with the brand.

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Invicta is an odd company… They offers some very high end movements in their watches, the price reflects this on those models. Then they offer some pure price point junk! You need to know which movement is in which watch? It does not state which is in these watches? But would gather China build ISA, or the like out of Swiss parts.

Invicta claims that it’s harder than mineral and less brittle than sapphire. Sapphire crystals are used by higher end watches because sapphire is second to only diamonds in hardness. Unfortunately, while it’s very scratch resistant, it’s also easy to crack upon impact, heavy and relatively heavy. Mineral crystals are cheaper and more crack resistant, but much easier to scratch. Flame fusion is a treatment done to mineral to make it harder. I believe it fuses a special layer to the mineral to make it more scratch resistant.

If you read your instructions you can recenter the sweep hand yourself :o)

That’s an idealized photo where the watch was just exposed to bright lights (possibly even UV or Blacklight, which is more efficient). Any phosphorescent paint would glow like that immediately after exposure. The big question is how long the glow lasts.

Yes, and some of us even wear a MANUAL winding watch. Yup, I have to wind my watch daily. And ironically, it’s made by Invicta. I liked the highly exposed skeleton face, which their automatic watches don’t have.

The mechanical movement is making a comeback, if only for aesthetic purposes. Fossil, for example, makes quartz watches that have an exposed mechanical movement. It moves, and looks nice but has nothing to do with timekeeping, which is done by the quartz circuitry.

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