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Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Collection Watch [New] - $69.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Collection Black Watch #4342

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here’s Invicta’s standard user manual

and their product page for this watch

$100 at Amazon, with average 4-star reviews.

And it’s $200 at World Of Watches!

Great deal, Woot!


Recovered from the Kursk?

I own about 6 Invicta watches and they are by far the best value for the money I’ve found. Quality components and workmanship with great customer service if there are evey any issues. They are an American company, so you’re not dealing with the run-around you sometimes get from a foreign-based company.

I do not work for them nor do they give me free watches.

If this same watch were to be sold by TAG or Omega, add a zero to the end and you would still feel like you’re paying a fair amount.

I have the black version of this watch & really like it. The primitive, clunky look of the thing stands out. It’d like wearing a wall clock on your wrist. The Amazon reviews tell you every thing you need to know. The watch is huge, heavy and the canteen style cover over the crown digs into your wrist. You will not be wearing this to bed, but the luminescent hands and dial remain bright enough to see all night long.

thats crazy dude, im kinda on the fence. need a watch for swimmin n the surf but haven’t found a decent enough watch for a decent enough price…

FWIW, I own this watch. Large, but not overly heavy, due to the rubber strap. Easy to read - no second hand. Decent lume. IIRC, this is a Swiss-made watch, and the pricing is really good. Normally, the best you can find this Russian Diver (this watch) is around $100 online. Costco has been known to have it for about $89.

If you want a big watch that gets noticed, this is the ticket without a huge pricetag.

UPDATE: Looks as though this is just a Swiss movement, not a full Swiss. Still, a good pickup.

As a Russian, I approve this message.

In Soviet Russia, watch wears you!

Isn’t CCCP Soviet not Russian specifically.

If you want a watch for swimming, I say get something that isn’t just “water resistant…100 meters”

One Amazon review said:

"What kind of diving do the Rusian military do?! My real diver watch is 1000 feet or 3 times of this so called diver. In fact, here is what even Amazon says about watches of the Russian category:

‘Water resistance 100 meters (333 feet): It is wearable around household sinks, while playing sports, and while swimming or poolside diving. It should NOT be worn while scuba diving.’"

I’ve found that watches with these specs can’t even be trusted for swimming. But if you want a great looking HUGE watch with the look of a diver, this is it (espcially if you like Russian stuff).

I know how it sounds, but I mean it. I get more compliments and people asking about some of my Invicta’s than I do my Rolex…which I hardly ever wore any more so I put it in the safe depoit box. Invictas with automatic movements also keep better time than most Rolex watches (which are inheriently known for keeping poor time).

Bottom line is I’ve always felt I’ve gotten more than I paid for with each of my Invictas.

PS–Every Sunday Invicta sell one watch at a clearance price here: if you’re interested in the brand, but perhaps not this specific model.

The early models of this watch said “Swiss Made” on the face but mine and most new ones say “Swiss Movt”. This is not really a professional divers watch, it is a fashion watch with only 100 meter water resistance. More than enough for a swimming pool. This watch is a replica of a watch the original Swiss Invicta company made for the Soviet navy in the 1950’s. The current company is American owned.

The band is surprisingly small. I have 8" wrists and am on the last hole. Everything on the face is luminescent and it seems to keep great time. This is a very popular style for Invicta and is available is many color combinations.

EDIT: This watch does not have a screw down crown. It is a standard pull out type with 2 detents for the time & date settings.

i´m from Germany and want to buy this watch.
I have a account from shirt.woot and it works good.
But i can´t buy this watch with my account.
International shipping not allowed?

Pls. help me to get this Watch!!!

from Germany

It looks like a small flask to me

Союз Советских Социалистических Республик is the Russian spelling of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

the CCCP is 80% of the reason i want this watch. 10% i don’t have a watch and 10% this is a good deal.

Overstock has this watch for $97

i was trying to figure out what имф means… seems made up or misspelled. вмф = abbreviation for navy. whats имф ?

Shirt is the only site that ships internationally. Sorry.